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The 7th Guest 3: The Collector


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First, there was the 7th Guest. A groundbreaking puzzle game that incorporated live actors, an intriguing story, lots of general creepiness… and great music.

Second, there was the 11th Hour. Admittedly I can’t offer a ton of comments on this one, as I had a hard time getting it to work on my PC (during the era of constantly updating requirements and hardware issues that changed from game to game). Again though, the music was quite good, released in a combo soundtrack with the first game under the title “7/11.”

Many years later, the 7th Guest returns, to iPhone and iPad. A beloved game that was no longer accessible comes back to be reborn on new platforms, and open up the eyes of a new audience. And… in an interesting twist, there’s some new music in there. To be specific, Mazedude music. Yep, somehow I captured the ears of the top guys, and they plugged in one of my remixes as an end credits bonus. Which led to…

The 7th Guest: Infection. One of the original puzzles, fleshed out into its own game. Complete with new original music by yours truly. They gave me a shot, and it worked out rather well, both in terms of style, and a working relationship.

Now… at long last…

The 7th Guest 3: The Collector – now on Kickstarter, and gearing up for production.


Those of you who played the original games back in the 90s; get ready for a long awaited sequel. Those of you new to the series, brace yourselves for the perfect combination of puzzles and spooky stuff. And dare I say… new music? Why if you scroll down on that Kickstarter page you can even hear some new tunage I’ve written for the game already. :)

Friends, this has potential to be really freakin’ awesome, on many levels. Please back the project. The fact that one of my favorite childhood PC games is coming back is incredible enough – the fact that I can potentially be a part of it and create the music for it is beyond words.


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My family was all over 7th Guest back when it was fresh. We had 11th Hour but it never worked. It's exciting to hear that they're making a new PC game but that kickstarter video was terrible. It would be great if they're using some of the same actors, but hopefully they get some modern graphics and sound quality in the game... I know with Mazedude involved the music should be good, unless they specifically ask you to make the new song using the soundfonts from the original game. It'd probably still be good then, but ... I'm just hoping the game quality is a lot higher than what they've presented in their KS video. :cry:

And super congrats Mazedude!

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