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  1. Hi Brandon, it’s been a while since I’ve been around here but this sounds fascinating and I’d love to offer input. I’ll send you an email shortly.
  2. I was there too! Just as long as you show up and be cool I think everything is fine. I think the general rule is DBAA.
  3. That was probably the best MAGFest I've been to. I've been to X and XI. Getting really sick flying home was not fun though.
  4. I'm really excited to get on the Nando's train. I'm gonna miss Baja Fresh--it was at least cheap and fast. I brought snacks this year but I gotta have a hot meal every now and again. I'm still incredibly butthurt about developing an allergy to shellfish so I will not be partaking in crabcakes or oysters
  5. Should mention that I am a go and my boyfriend is coming along with me!
  6. I unashamedly know (and sing along to) all of the Sonic vocal songs. ESPECIALLY Knuckles' raps. PUNKIN' IN DA ALLEY! Deadly Towers for the NES has some pretty horrible tunes but the ones that were good had a very Celtic flavor to them. Now if the game wouldn't stop the track and start it up again when you walked into a new room we probably could have enjoyed them a little more.
  7. Amazing and congrats, Mazedude! oh please god tell me that there won't be another microscope puzzle.
  8. Booster was my favorite new character in Super Mario RPG. "Drink punch...? Eat cake...? Sounds... complicated." Echoing the Negative Man/New Age Retro Hippie/Earthbound enemy love. Some of the stuff the guards used to say in Perfect Dark was pretty great. Like "bloody stupid gun!" when it would jam or "You BITCH!" when they'd die.
  9. Filled out! ...it made me look like I have a facebook addiction. ;-; I CAN STOP ANY TIME I WANT.
  10. Aw man, I missed it! I remember the year of EAremix, I was on a plane to Chicago and I only saw the aftermath. That has to be my favorite OCR stunt.
  11. Perfect Dark Zero... I would make it more Perfect Dark and less generic shooter. Yes, I'm still bitter.
  12. Did you ever get around to beating it after we left?
  13. I got this! Have yet to really play around with it but i'm excited. bLiNd showed it to me at MAGfest and I bought it immediately.
  14. Yes! It certainly was counter intuitive to tell a boss to please go ahead and rip my arms off and feed them to crows... and blind me... and then possess my mind. Giving my mind over so freely really stuck with me after that. I didn't want to answer no but deep in my heart, I knew that's what I would say if I was in that situation.
  15. Congrats you guys! I had the best time staying with you after mag and I wish you lots of joy and happiness and beard!
  16. This is how I read it. Glad I'm not the only one. Echoing all the other advice. It's all up to you. Don't let people tell you that you can't do stuff (unless it's bad or illegal I guess)
  17. There is something certainly addictive about building Zoos, Theme Parks, etc. It's a job I would not want in real life but I happily spend endless hours figuring out where the flamingo pens and drink stands go. I feel like Earthbound passed so many of us by when it came out. I know all I cared about in 199X was Mario, Mario, Mario. Not to mention marketing of the game was absolutely abysmal in the US. Many people I know were first exposed to Earthbound via Smash Bros. Even in 2003 I was pretty ignorant of the ridiculous cult following it had.
  18. If I had the free time to invest into Minecraft I bet I'd have a blast. Unfortunately I played it right after I saw my friends' fantastic things, like a castle with a minecart system and a gigantic lava dick and all I wanted was an insta-castle
  19. Glad you liked my sig. I'm a huge Mother fan :)

  20. ...but ended up liking them anyway. Maybe you went in with high expectations, or maybe you thought they were overhyped. Whatever the reason, let's share here. Kung Fu Rider This is widely regarded as one of the worst games for the PSMove system. It launched at $40 and over MAGFest I picked it up for $9.99, figuring I'd find some way to find ten bucks' worth of entertainment in the game. And oh my god. For $10 I had the most fun I've ever had with the Move system. Maybe I just can't get past the novelty of riding an office chair/a wheeled drum/a baby walker through the Hong Kong streets. The control is a little squiggly at times (we had issues getting dash to work) but wow, I haven't had this much fun with a game that relied so heavily on motion controls. And for those of you who know me, this one may come as a complete and total surprise. You see, I wasn't always the ridiculous Earthbound nut I am nowadays. You see, I was always curious about that little guy called Ness in the Smash Bros series. So I hopped on ebay in July 2003 and found a copy of EB that came with the guide. My mom bid on the auction for me and I paid her a whopping $7 for the whole thing. The game arrived and I excitedly plugged it into my SNES. The title screen didn't leave me impressed. How low-res! How amateur! But I was determined to see what made this RPG so special. I distinctly remember thinking "maybe it's trying too hard..." but something drew me in. The music was quirky and I had fun naming my characters. Before long I'd forgotten about the graphics and engrossed myself in the goofy story. Definitely wasn't expecting the serious twists and I loved collecting the melodies in my sanctuaries. It made me think about my own childhood. In the matter of an afternoon I went from being doubtful to being enamored. And here I am today, with every US/Japan release of Mother (with the exception of Mother 1+2), Earthbound tattoos all over my arm...
  21. One of my friends perfected a no-death run for that game. I saw him do it with my own eyes. I could not believe it.
  22. Running through Mother as fast as humanly possible. I don't even remember what level I was at but god damn, that game was hard. I wanted to see the ending before I went on a trip. Beat it back in 2005 and haven't done it since. I'd love to see someone do a low-level run of that game.
  23. IVe just returned to the forums after a long absence but I followed this album through Facebook. I was so excited that in the days leading up to December 21 I would leave the countdown in an open browser window. The couples mask remix brought tears to my eyes. You captured the feeling of Majora's Mask perfectly.
  24. Nothing like waking up to seeing brushfire wearing nothing but a speedo pushing ashamee into the room!
  25. How could I forget M3 and SH2?! Christ, I marathoned Mother 3 after christmas dinner, late into the night, much like I did with Earthbound. Mother also made me cry (big surprise). I really think EB made me the person I am today :J. I joined the Cult of Earthbound at 12 and never looked back. SH2, first playthrough. In Water ending. Marathoned Christmas 2004. Oh god why. I also submit Shattered Memories. Nice retelling of the SH story. I had to put it down for a while when my playthrough started echoing my life way too much. Rounding out a good story I'd like to put forth The Dark Eye. A little known CD ROM game from 1995 published by the now-defunct inscape and featuring music composed by Thomas Dolby and his band Headspace alongside three Poe stories, its art propels the narrative. Along with the Poe stories it features an original story. The skill with which they are interwoven is crafty.
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