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The United Video Game Symphony: Kickstarter


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Hello OcReMix!

My name is Thomas Kresge and I am the project manager behind a new orchestral video game concert known as the United Video Game Symphony. If you're familiar with organizations like Video Games Live or Distant Worlds, then you have a general idea of what we're about; we are a symphonic concert that performs orchestral arrangements of video game music.

The difference between the UVGS and other orchestral game music concerts is in the way our program is decided. The concert program is decided entirely by the community through a voting system. In this way we plan on being a community-driven production. You can actually go vote right now, even if you don't plan on donating!

So, fans (you guys) select the music you want us to perform, and our team of arrangers will create the arrangements that will be performed by the full symphony orchestra. Our arrangers come from a variety of communities, and a number of them are OCReMix contributors and remixers who have worked on some of OCR's albums. Our arrangers include:

We have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the UVGS, and we're looking for your support! We will also record and live stream the performance, and will later distribute the recording.

A link to the Kickstarter can be found here. I hope this project interests many of you, and I believe it will provide a fantastic service to the video game music community. Our arrangers are fans just like you guys, which helps create a very unique concert that is driven by the community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I appreciate everything OCReMix has done for video game music, and I hope to see the UVGS come to fruition!

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Everyone can vote!
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It's a shame this isn't taking off as well as it should. I'm guessing it's because people really don't know what they're paying for. By that, I mean that no one has any idea what music they'll get in the concert/on the album. It might have been better to include 2 or 3 tracks guaranteed to get people interested, and the remaining tracks could be voted for.

I love the concept, and I'm a backer, but I can understand that, with a voting system, it's a gamble to back this project, and people may feel they are more likely to get a collection of music they themselves are no way interested in, rather than a collection of amazing arrangements of video game music they particularly love.

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Has this been posted to any video game news sites? I haven't seen it on Kotaku, at least. Get it out there!

I've tried, and now I'm waiting (and preparing follow up messages!) to hear back from dozens of online publications, blogs, video game sites, etc. So no, it has hasn't been posted to any sites, but yes, we've tried contacting some. Hopefully it interests some of them!

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