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"I Am" - New Album Release Now on Beatport and iTunes!

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Jamison Randall - "I Am"

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Beatport -

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Album set on Soundcloud

Introducing my second full-length album, "I Am"! As I'm sure some of you know I've been releasing music under the alias of my real name, Jamison Randall, for a long while now (which explains why I've been pretty inactive on OCR). I've taken a huge loving to producing original music, mainly electronic dance music.


1. I Am

2. Once More

3. Circles

4. Welcome to Reality

5. Grand Scheme

6. Centerpoint

7. It's Okay

8. Maybe (ft. Category5)

9. Once More (Nils Ernst Remix)

10. Once More (Silva Hound Remix)

11. It's Okay (Astra Remix)

You may realize that some of the tracks I have released before on previous releases. The versions on this album have been improved, re-hashed, remastered, and mixed better; mainly because I believed that they deserved to be cleaned up and released again on Beatport, iTunes, and the like!

"I Am" has been released via Addictive Vibe Records. To quote the Beatport description of the album:

"Featuring 8 tracks from all across the EDM genre spectrum, as well as 3 heavy remixes from great artists; "I Am" is a perfect album to either get yourself up, or settle down to. Danceable, melancholic, and hopeful; "I Am" is sure to bring to the table something you will love!"

So if you're a fan of electronic music (and I know a lot of you are!), please consider supporting me and my music by buying the album! Even if you only buy one track, trust me, every little purchase goes a long way and helps me out a ton--probably more than you think it does!

And more importantly, even if you don't buy it, please share it with friends! :)

Thank you!

- Jamison Randall (TGH)

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This is pretty much how I always respond when I see/stumble upon new music from this guy.


got no money right now, but this is in my backlog and I'll be bumpin it for sure. so happy to know that you're still rockin those phhhaaat beats and ruthless basslines.

EDIT: seriously, "Once More" is deeeeeeeelicious.

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