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Loot Crate

Brandon Strader

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The t-shirts can be found in any mall t-shirt kiosk or store for. Darth Vader ear-buds? I don't have any hopes for quality there. The candy is just regular candy you can get at almost any 7-11 at any time of the year (cheap candies get repackaged and relabeled as other products more often than you think. Are you really going buy the same candy just because of the wrapper?)

Another problem is that while it may cover lots of fandoms... not everyone like all those fandoms. So you're paying for stuff that you may not like at all. Not into superhero stuff? Well, you still get boxes of it. Not into zombies? Here's a whole shipment of zombie stuff. I like the theme idea, but as I said, not everyone is into everything. You will end up with a significant amount of merchandise that you will have no interest in.

Unless you really want lots of merch from lots of sources, regardless of the quality or quantity, your money would be better off buying specific items by themselves. The cost of a six-month membership (without the shipping and handling, which adds to the cost greatly) equates to less than what I paid for my recent pack of hardcover "Art Of" books. Those were from overseas, shipped by plane, and arrived at my door in three days.

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I did think of someone that this might actually be pretty good for: kids just getting into nerd/geek interests.

If they're not really into anything yet, this could give them a good mix of stuff to start with. They might find a few things they end up liking.

Plus the fun they might get out of a monthly parcel. Something to look forward to, I suppose.

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Looks fun if I had $20 to piss away every month which I don't.
Another problem is that while it may cover lots of fandoms... not everyone like all those fandoms.

This right here is why I won't do it. Right now, my wife and I are trying to save money to buy the one or two remaining large items that the house needs, as well as to insure we'll have a savings cushion for when we start trying to have kids. That aside, I could probably convince her to let me do it for a couple of months, if I could guarantee I'd get something I liked each time.

Which I can't. I mean, just looking at the front page and the brands they have listed there, I'd have no use for a Capcom-themed box, and it would depend on which Nintendo franchises they'd put in the box as to whether that would work for me or not. And I wouldn't much care for a zombie-themed box, either, and it looks like that was the October box.

It's a neat idea. But I think it's too broad of a spectrum for my liking.

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