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Kickstarter for my music game Pixelsphere


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I'm Alex Smith, remixer of two Green Hill Zone mixes (http://ocremix.org/artist/10319/the-cynic-project). I’m a little obsessed with Sonic 1 & 2 as you may have heard from my sonic remixes: (http://sonic.tcpmusic.com/) Maybe you heard my Sonicquarium ocremix (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02631/) with its slow tempo and ethereal ambience.

Introducing Pixelsphere: A game I'm making around this ambient style, and a tribute to everything I love from 16-bit era sidescrollers, plus my own style of uplifting music. Pixelsphere has a dynamic soundtrack where everything in the game makes music. This is a labor of love for me and I’ve been working on the game for 2+ years and commissioned some art to make the game look amazing. It recently became apparent that I needed more help to finish the game so I decided to launch a kickstarter to fill the gap and bring Pixelsphere to completion. I have a budget worked out and all the funds are earmarked for two artists and a developer that I have lined up.


Watch the video for a rough idea of what I’m doing, but I have a some exciting things planned for the game that aren't fully described on the kickstarter, and I thought ocremix would be a great place to introduce them.

1) Dynamic Soundtrack - I’m building a system that layers loops that change the mood of the game based on your location and progress. Yeah, this is a pretty obvious one and I have a lot of content developed for the system already, but I need help to finish developing the music engine to sync up loops.

2) Physical Sequencer - This is a less common gameplay element and I’ve only seen it a few other products. Basically the idea is that there’s puzzles where physics objects like bouncing balls, orbs, boxes, pulleys, levels etc...interact to create an interactive musical environment. There are wheels turning at very slow RPM to gradually guide objects to new destinations which will generate new sounds. As well as user interaction to help guide the objects. This is mostly an interactive art piece for the time being, but I intend to introduce a puzzle element where the music is generated while the user attempts to replicate a prescribed pattern of tones, shapes and colors.

A lot of exciting things are possible with the right people on this project so please get in touch if you’re interested in contributing to /collaborating on Pixelsphere (or just want to chat). The game is still a big WIP so I'm looking forward to your ideas, suggestions and criticism. There’s a lot of awesome music talent on this forum so I was thrilled when I discovered that remixers can post in Community! Image spam to follow:





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This game looks really cool! I was unfamiliar with the notion of an interactive music & platformer game before seeing this. I had the privilege of playing an early beta level from this game earlier this year and was mesmerized with how the music and sound effects interacted with the gameplay mechanics. It was definitely something you could get swept away in easily. The art is looking so nice and colorful too!

I'll definitely drop something on this kickstarter before the deadline. I've always been a big fan of all your Sonic remixes Alex, so good luck with this!

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