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SZRC - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2014 [TheGuitahHeroe wins - complete ZIP available!]


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Hello everyone!

As promised, after two weeks of voting, the 2012 poll is now closed. So, without revealing what the 20 most voted tracks are, it's time to congratulate the following artists, who will be a part of the 23rd of June Special:




Ben Briggs

Brandon Strader




Ivan Hakstock


Main Finger

Phonetic Hero



As you can probably guess, some of these remixers have more than one track on the top 20.

Now, without further ado, here's the link for the 2014 poll, which will be made available to the general public tomorrow: SZRC 2014 POLL

You can vote until the 8th of June at midnight GMT.

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Hello remixers!

I'm back with the result of both polls and the link to the final poll that will determine in what order all 40 tracks will rank.

First of all, I'd like to apologize to ladyWildfire, because for some reason, her track 'Endless Mind' wasn't showing on the 2014 poll and by the time I noticed it, it was too late to do anything. The track will be used for something else during the show, but I'm really sorry for this mistake.

Now for the most voted artists on the 2014 poll:





Ivan Hakstok



Phonetic Hero




Tuberz McGee

Congratulations! Some of you were voted more than once so if you're curious as to what the 40 most voted tracks were, take a look at the final poll HERE.

I'll be getting in touch with the remixers whose tracks will be featured on the show soon, so keep an eye out for that.

I also hope to see you in the RadioSEGA IRC chatroom on the 23rd, for the results show!

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I'll be getting in touch with the remixers whose tracks will be featured on the show soon

Oh my - if it's not what particular tracks made it, then I am interested to see what kind of ambition you got with this thing.

Interesting compiled results too, and I'll be sure to spread the word on this poll... thing... however I can. :3

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40. restoring the groove - ivan hakstok (szrc 2012)

39. zwned - ladywildfire (szrc 2012)

38. marble clouds in azure skies - amphibious (szrc 2014)

37. frictionless - superior x feat. jivemaster (szrc 2014)

36. atlantis - ladywildfire (szrc 2014)

35. gangsta man strikes back - chernabogue (szrc 2012)

34. groovin' on the hilltop - phonetic hero (szrc 2012)

33. break down your cosmic wall - tuberz mcgee (szrc 2014)

32. drop bass zone - gario (szrc 2012)

31. just like college - rexy (szrc 2012)

30. bone shark - amphibious (szrc 2012)

29. gaudium - ivan hakstok (szrc 2014)

28. double cross - theguitahheroe (szrc 2014)

27. the perfect bingo - arceace (szrc 2014)

26. prowd - phonetic hero (szrc 2014)

25. dance of a dying sea - ladywildfire feat. superior x (szrc 2014)

24. gone - brandon strader (szrc 2012)

23. broken legs - amt (szrc 2012)

22. oxidized - amphibious (szrc 2012)

21. magma on the dancefloor - rexy (szrc 2012)

20. blue blur your brain - helicopter knife fight (sir_nuts feat. jivemaster) (szrc 2014)

19. the sunny side - theguitahheroe (szrc 2014)

18. a chaotic mess - ladywildfire (szrc 2012)

17. the flying garden - jnwake (szrc 2014)

16. put out the fire - halc (szrc 2014)

15. collision detector - halc (szrc 2012)

14. sky puppetry - gario (szrc 2012)

13. will-o-the-wisp - brandon (szrc 2012)

12. true heroes - theguitahheroe (szrc 2014)

11. don't be a dingus - ladywildfire feat. level99 (szrc 2014)

10. seraphim factory - main finger (szrc 2012)

9. 1on1 - theguitahheroe feat. willrock (szrc 2014)

8. szrc anthem - flexstyle feat. overclocked university (szrc 2014)

7. pyroclastic tides - superior x feat. c7 (szrc 2012)

6. remember my name - zone runners (halc feat. digi valentine) (szrc 2014)

5. antifreeze - flexstyle (szrc 2014)

4. dilapidated sky - amphibious (szrc 2012)

3. sing to me - theguitahheroe (szrc 2014)

2. pandemonium - akumajobelmont feat. digi valentine (szrc 2012)

1. trash fm - benjamin briggs (szrc 2012)

Edited by wildfire
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Bumping this just to drop the link to the podcast (http://bit.ly/1lkYpk4) and congratulate all the artists involved with both SZRC editions.

Big time congrats to Ben Briggs who got the top voted track, Trash FM!

Can't wait for the next edition of the SZRC!

I can't get the podcast to work. I keep getting a message that the file is corrupt.

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