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Mega Man X3 intro stage


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I have now uploaded my MMX3 intro stage cover to my Youtube channel :)

Yeah I have also added a small cover of the Mega Man 3 outro

I have also finnished the cover of the MMIV outro music, wich you can find here

I have collected everything into a playlist now, enjoy :)

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adding more music
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yehh sorry. if a mod could delete them I could make one thread with all music.

No problem. Merged them into this thread.

Having 5 different tracks here means people might not know which one to focus on, so they don't give you a lot of feedback. Maybe it's too much to listen to. We have a rule about posting lots of songs in the same thread because it's usually more effective to focus on just one song. Perhaps more important is the rule we have about posting lots of threads, because that clutters up the forum.

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Ok thanx :) I understand, cant really make a new thread for all tracks.

I wont post anything more for a while here now since Iam just now in a part of my life where I happen to have alot of free time. So I will probably make alot of music now.

But everybody who's interested can check my youtube channel wich is the one I have linked to already. I have some more covers coming up and the next one is Flame Stag from MMX 2 :)

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No problem. Merged them into this thread.

What of the "one track per thread / one thread per track" rule? I definitely don't know what to listen to and critique now and how to keep stuff in check.

Also, the link in the top post takes me to a Ken arrangement, not Mega Man X3 intro. :)

I did find the intro stage video though:

Interestingly a more straightforward rock take on the original, I'm not familiar with the original but took a listen just now. From a quick comparison I thought the arrangement was decently personalized, harmonically it's different (evident from the very first seconds). I really liked the development at 0:59-1:01, that bit from the source worked very well in your arrangement I thought. It made me pay attention to the track in your arrangement, while interestingly I didn't notice it when I first listened to the source.

The structure was repetitive. The rhythm guitar is pretty dominant in the arrangement, I feel like I was hearing it too much. Taking it out for some parts would give a lot of nice feel and dynamics to the arrangement!

1:22-1:35 seems like needless repetition. 1:35-2:02 seems like copy-paste from the earlier part - this would be a great opportunity to vary up the rhythm guitar or replace it with some other instrument or approach - you could even use some synth washes to bring a sense of space to the track. The solo part after that is quite nice, a bit obscured by the constant rhythm guitar.

I thought the fadeout was a reasonable arrangement decision (though there are some listeners who will indiscriminately dislike fadeouts).

Other than the arrangement, I'll have to criticize that the rhythm and lead guitars are very rigidly sequenced, bass as well. That was my very first impression of the track - "rigidly sequenced guitars". I can't really offer advice for more realistic sequencing unfortunately.

The sound is quite balanced, it didn't seem muddy or anything to me.

Hope this helps!


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