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  1. A piece I threw together and recorded at my house, I'm just looking for feedback on the composition more than the recording standards itself, But pointers on how to record are well taken as I don't really do Mixes. It was recorded in audacity too make it that much more disgusting. But thank you to everyone who listens too this, it's probably the first video game thing I have recorded properly in a while, and yes All parts bar the drums are real instruments, recorded one over the other.
  2. So I uploaded this a while ago, and over the last few months it's gotten more and more attention, Do you guys/gals think it's any good? https://soundcloud.com/steven1024/battle-theme-final-fantasy-x
  3. Very Nice stuff right there, one of my favorite pieces from the Mario Series, It's nice to hear an Orchestrated version of it, Everything else I could possibly say has been said by other people already. But Great work! Sounds Amazing!
  4. Thank you so much for pointing this out, Gave it a relisten and am currently editing the bass track, And realized the bass did sound silly on my part.
  5. Thank you to everyone for the advice, I am currently working on making this alot better. And as a reply to the constructive Criticism: The Reason I posted this was not to show people a song, it was to let other (More Experienced) People take a look and to tell me what they all think.(So In Actuality, Cast all your ultima's Guys, It will only tell me what I need to improve!) And thanks to you guys who have already pointed me into the right directions, as I said, I'm still working on this and I have almost no experience in making things of a good quality on a computer, So looking up alot of the things you guys have pointed me to has really helped. Cheers!
  6. Yeah I plan on recording a real guitar track (Lead and rhythm) and maybe bass track for the finished version, this is just a "This is what it will be like" Work in progress. The drums on the other hand, I don't own a set, so I'm looking through all the links Hakstock Sent me, Hoping that the end product will sound as close to perfect as I can make it. as for the Bell Synth sound which is just default HX-7 EP FG on Harmless, I hope to make a better sounding synth based off the sound itself.
  7. Hello Hello, Are you still looking for A Composer to help with Wuli's Adventure?

  8. Pretty Epic Remix Bro, Nice and Chilled, And that menacing growl at the end, Brilliant, can't wait to hear what you do with it.
  9. Cheers Bro! I'll See if I can Make this sound better, I only realized after I posted this thread that I have a version of this song with more Orchestral Bits and pieces... Doi....
  10. 5:55 Sounds good to me, then again, I'm not an expert in this type of music, heh. But yes it's the soprano solo part, Listening to it a second time I was able to pick everything out and listen to every part, But the first time you hear it it's a little bamboozling.
  11. I think it's around 5 minutes in, But it sounds like every instrument is trying to Solo, Took a few for my head to be able to listen to it all (Sounds good), and I think it could do with a different last note from the bass, But that's personal opinion. But I think theres totally a good amount of sax in this, The Instruments complement each other quite well, it's got a nice catchy beat to it and I think It's a Very Nice, Chilled and confusing to read the title of, Not my particular cup of tea but Nice work.
  12. A Rock/Metal Version of the Battle Theme From the Japanese FF-III, Entirely Made In fruityloops: https://soundcloud.com/steven1024/battle-final-fantasy-iii Hope you guys are into this sorta thing *UPDATE* https://soundcloud.com/steven1024/final-fantasy-iii-battle
  13. The Intro Sounds Pretty Good man And when the outro actually kicked in it sounded really amazing, But the first 10 seconds of the outro is a bit earsplitting, But I'm not sure if that was the point or not. In other words, Pretty Cool Riffage Bro.
  14. Hey Everybody! I am Steve, I've had Controllers and Gameboys in my hands pretty much since I was able to pick things up. I've been playing Guitar from about the age of 13, And It's Been Six years since I first picked up a Guitar. Anyway, My love for Video game soundtracks Originally stemmed from Junichi Masuda And Nobou Uematsu, From There I started Listening very closely to every game I played. But now I've Moved onto covering (In mostly Rock or Power Metal) Video Game songs. I only really have access to fruityloops, Live recordings are troublesome due to lack of equipment, But I look forward to Being Part of the OCR community!
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