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Xenon remix "Xoldin' Out For A Xero"


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yeah, that original track is pretty bonkers. it really indulges in weird fx to pull a tune out of thin air, sort of like Streets of Rage did on the Mega Drive. perfect for edm.

like what you got. mixing is great.

on the arrangement side, i think you could make things more interesting if you start without the oomph and expand on the quirky fx shit (it stands out more in the original, lacking the big 4 to the floor).

intro with weak or no drums, let the arp fx diffuse the rhythm, make the listener wonder what the hell this is gonna be.

maybe some filtered stuff, then kick it off.

that's my idea anyway.

a real good beatdrop wouldn't hurt either!

have fun!

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Cheers for the feedback!

I know what you mean about starting with sparser drums - it totally makes sense, but I seem to use that technique quite often on my remixes (exhibit a:

exhibit b: https://soundcloud.com/binster/i-now-pronounce-you ) so I wanted to make this remix start big and get bigger - I think maybe with more drops and twiddley bits in the main I might be able to work it...

I'll leave this one for a bit anyway and return with a fresh brain. :)

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I tink tis not tarnce lul

Not that it matters.

I think the lack of dynamics will be ok for this once you add the 'drops and twiddly bits'.

Still thinking an oomphless fx intro might work best for this track, even if that's too much in your comfort zone. It could be short.

But it doesn't matter as long as you pay tribute to the weird arpy stuff from the OST by giving it center stage somewhere in the mix. The stuff you added is phat and all, but it buries some of the properties of the original that make it fun.

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Cheers for the feedback all!

Yeah, I've been avoiding my responsibilities regarding the structure - I need to make sure that stuff works rather than endlessly tweaking the kick sound...

I'll mull the quieter intro - I've tried taking the drums down and it doesn't sound right, which is probably a symptom of a problem elsewhere.

And yeah, I need to put some more chiptune-arpy stuff in there to pay homage more.

I shall continue to faff!

EDIT : Also clubmusiclol

EDIT EDIT : Updated the wip again - still a mess, but slightly more variety in the patterns and drops. Same link as before : https://soundcloud.com/binster/xenon/s-Mn7fQ

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Sorry for double posting, but I've reworked this track quite extensively.

Here's the new version : https://soundcloud.com/binster/xenon-remix/s-4g0WV

New stuff - plenty of variation, lots of drops, new orchestral instruments... I've even put in thunderclaps like some dramatic lunatic.

Anyway, let me know what you all think!

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I've let this one sit for a while - and now I return!

I've updated the linked version with an April update - clear those caches and give it a listen. It's structurally pretty much the same as last time, but I've tweaked the balance and instruments a bit to make it a bit more slammin'.

As ever, let me know what you think!

(That link again : https://soundcloud.com/binster/xenon-remix/s-4g0WV )

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