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Sonic Boom (NEW cartoon/game)

Dave the Rave

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Here’s a
and a quick glance at Shadow at the end. Speaking of Shadow, he and Metal Sonic are confirmed to appear in both the Wii U & 3DS versions.

I'm excited for Shadow but I'm sure that he won't be as interesting a character as he was in Sonic Adventure 2.

Shadow has always been a character with way more potential than Sonic Team has explored. He was essentially made from the ground up to be a weapon. Does he have emotions? A comprehensive sense of morality? Hopes and dreams that even he with his immense strength struggles to reach? These could be interestingly complex themes to explore that Sonic Team never will because the writing has gotten so kiddy. ^^;;;

I guess Sonic Boom won't be that kind of franchise. Still hoping the TV show will be fun. ^^

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Time for more news on the Sonic Boom spin-off.

First off, the Wii U version release date has changed. It will now be released along with the 3DS version, on 11th November. The European release is still the 21st November. As for the show itself. It’ll air this autumn in the USA and France. (lucky sods) While the rest of Europe will have to wait until autumn NEXT YEAR.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll be damned if I have to wait for 11 to 12 months of this show, to air in my country! So I’m going to do the most logical thing to do once this cartoon airs… Watch it online. What else?:tomatoface:

One last thing. Stephen Frost (Producer of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric) will be the host of this years Sonic Boom. (the convention) Some members of Big Red Button Entertainment & Sanzaru Games will appear and the voice cast will be there. Hopefully they will announce when the new cartoon will finally air.

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Dave are you implying that you're 9 years old

I'm 30 you nincompoops. Just because this cartoon is made for a new generation of fans, doesn't mean fans of old like me are not going to give this show and it's prequel game a chance! Did no one read my 2 parter defense rant of the spin-off, on my DA account!?

I guess I'm somewhat of an animation buff who is just curious how this cartoon will do. Bottomline, I am going to give this spin-off series a chance and I'm not going to let some immature, idiotic, nostalgically blind morons telling me what should or shouldn't watch!!

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Bottom line, I am going to give this spin-off series a chance and I'm not going to let some immature, idiotic, nostalgically blind morons telling me what should or shouldn't watch!!

Best compliment I've ever heard about G-Mixer :tomatoface:

In all seriousness, like what you like, but don't start blasting others for liking what you don't, et cetera et cetera.

And as for G-Mixer's comment, in case you forgot–


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oh gawd no


also I just wanna state I love animation and it's my favorite film genre, but from a personal opinion this show kinda looks ridiculous

I also don't like tv, so that adds to it.

the only reason I use a tv is for video games hahahaha



"I don't use TV but..."

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Sonic Boom airs tomorrow!

Here’s a commercial for the games and a list of episode titles.

1 The sidekick

2 Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Weeks?

3 My Fair Sticksy

4 Circus of Plunder

5 Hoarding the Horde

6 Unlucky Knuckles

7 The Curse of the Buddy Buddy Temple

I'm really looking forward to this new cartoon!

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Yeah, 3DS version is better. I have no idea why they made them different. Oh, well... As for cartoon, I can say that it's pretty silly. But I like some detailes. For example, the relations between Sonic and BaldyMcNoseSomething became much... closer. Literally. O_o Knux also doesn't look as total dumbass, who is easy to deceive.

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To be fair, I don't have a Wii U but from what I had seen on Youtube, I personally think it's made Sonic '06 look like Mario 3. And I was expecting better from a portion of the team that had worked with Crash and Jak... :(

The cartoon, on the other hand, it's definitely silly but as someone who grew up with AoStH it's got my approval. Like Garrett, I don't watch much TV either, but I won't let that bother me.

I am however interested to try that 3DS demo whenever that arrives here in Europe. Hopefully that shouldn't be anywhere near the levels of trainwreck as its major console brother.

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