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SPC-700 VST emulation!


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try it again meteo, this thing is the shit.

i grabbed me a yoshi's island spc, 30 minutes later:


Txai: i'll let you know if i find out how the vibrato works, because atm i don't know either.

Found it! It's linked to the modwheel. You simply have to automate CC #1. open a midi out for each channel and link CC1 to a knob on there.

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Very intuitive vst, I've been using it for the past year and I still can't get the vibrato to work right so it doesn't sound anything like in-game music but I hope someone or the developer updates it soon.


Wasn't aware of this until now. An easy way to create authentic SNES music. Apparently it can load sounds from .spc files too! Awesome!

Not on my DAW atm, but i'll test it later. Give it a whirl and see how it works!

Split700 does this also but is only for making soundfonts and is not a vst.

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