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Albums - Are they worth it?

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Can only rehash what other people have said, but I'm also a proponent of albums. Unlike what Skrypnyk said on page 1, though, I don't think you should let your fan-base or skill level determine whether or not you decide to produce albums. I mean, there's all kinds of different albums: concepts, compilations... I look at it the same as visual artists who collect their works together. I mean, music is art, even if it's poorly made, and you don't necessarily need to think of albums as something that need to be sold, or even as something that need to exist at all. Their existence should be predicated by more than just feeling compelled to make them because "that's what people do," you know what I mean?

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Exactly, that's why i could never summon up the drive to make one.

I hope i'll put out a series of tunes someday that kind of automagically form a storytelling sequence, however vague it might be...until then, no album from me i guess.

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