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OCR02882 - MiG-29 'Power Glove (It's So Bad)'

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This is an odd bird of a ReMix. While it does seem to have a heavy load of sampling and other things that might bother some people, I feel this was done in the right way (or at least didn't go to far to that side of the issue) to avoid being too much of a general "remix". The Wizard clips where nice and good to hear considering what you named the ReMix to begin with.

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Oh hello Dj CUTMAN, wasn’t expecting to find you at the bottom of the reviews thread. This track belongs in a club, rave, party, convention, basically it needs to be blasted through a lot of speakers in a room full of party goers. A single person listening to this by him/herself won’t do. It could for some people maybe, but I would rather hear this track at an event than through my computer or phone by myself.

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