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  1. Okokokokok..... that was fantastic. Good lord, if you have a good bass on your system, it is GREAT. Bravo to GLASYS.
  2. Wow. WOW WOW WOW. This is great, and has a lot of emotion behind it. In many sections it was very reminiscent of the "Han Solo and the Princess" (Love Theme) theme from Star Wars (Which is one of my favorite musical pieces from that series). WELL DONE!!!!
  3. The cry at the end was a little harsh and almost took me out of it, but the rest was 10/10!!! Well done!
  4. Well done.... lighthearted and easy to listen to.... I enjoyed the bit from 5:41 on with the mixing of themes. Well thought through!
  5. I agree with lemnline, it is CRIMINAL that there are not more remixes from Yoshi's Island... what a FANTASTIC game... I am DYING to hear a remix of the "End Course/GOAL" theme. GREAT JOB, nOkbient!!!
  6. WOW DUDE.... What Mustin said! Willrock, you did and INCREDIBLE job!!! I just listened to this 3 times in a row and I loved the editing and way you capitalized on the 80's synth/rock feel... it had an almost "Top Gun" vibe and I am looking forward to the rest of 2016's remixes after this one. 10/10 well done!
  7. Super nice work!!! This is a great mix, and I love the upbeat style... Sometimes dubstep can get buried in the "serious/dirty/dark" elements, but this peppy mix is just what the Doctor Mario ordered... Good arrangement!
  8. Groovy... this is a great job! It is both familiar and different at the same time. As a remix, I think you hit nail on the head with my summary! Those mallets at :20... Brilliant man!
  9. WOW... That was EPIC... you took all 64-bits of energy from the main theme, strained them through a "Matrix" filter (like Spork said!), and re-polished it with a shiny TRON gloss. The energy in the build is incredible. 10/10
  10. I don't even know where to begin with what I think about the transitions and the randomness of this piece except to say: Sir J... you have successfully made me laugh today... well done randomness! :grin:
  11. Outstanding work!!! Fishy- The detail in the layering, with each layer being so simple and pure, gives this mix such a rich, vivid feel (i.e. the build to 2:49)... Well done!
  12. I actually quite enjoyed this one! Good job on taking a short riff and keeping it fresh and catching for the duration of the song!
  13. FAN-TAS-TIC!!! This is one of the better mixes I have heard in a while. You chose great source material, and made an excellent blend! 2:06 - Brilliant! Gave me chills, man...
  14. Very nice! I like a well-done jazz piece every now and then, and this one is really great!!! 8/10
  15. I've listened to music from this site for YEARS now, but I just now finally made an account to leave comments with. Like so many others said, I usually don't go for the vocal tracks much, but you NAILED this song... excellent! It one of my new favorite ones... personally- the vocals and vocalized-styling I thought fit very well with the overall sound of the arrangement. Good job.