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Horizons - New Amphibious Album!


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Hey everyone!

So recently I've been cooking up this little album and its finally ready. It consists of a lot of music that I've been sitting on for a while, as well as some newer tunes. Some of these were from 2 hour competitions, others resulted from screwing around with FM synth leads or neat little chord progressions. I have a terrible habit of sitting on my music and never releasing any of it, so I needed to get something out there!

While it is in no way a masterpiece, this music means a lot to me and was enjoyable to put together. It isn't all necessarily up to my most recent standards, but there's a decent amount of variety here so I hope there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Available for full streaming on Soundcould, or purchase on Bandcamp, Loudr, iTunes and Google Play :) Feel free to leave all feedback, be it negative or positive. Moving forward, I hope to continue to improve! Thank you!

Available on Bandcamp: HERE

Available on Loudr: HERE

Stream on Soundcloud: HERE

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Really loving the album Amphibious!

I like that you had each track feel totally different when it transitions to the next song to keep it from being too monotonous. Loving the upbeat, head-bobbing tracks, the laid-back soothing tracks, and the groovy tracks. Awesome job!

Thanks for the support! Since these tunes span such a large time frame, there's certainly some variety to them as I experimented with different genres.

Thanks again!

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Love it, good stuff dude!

Thanks a ton! Really glad you enjoyed it :)

Good polish, dude! I liked Razzmatazz the most.

I definitely had a lot of fun with that one :P Thanks a bunch!

Only 30 seconds into the first track and I'm sold. As soon as I'm not disastrously broke, I will buy this album. Oh yes... This can only be described as "tasty."

Never had my music called tasty before, thanks a lot for the support good sir!

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