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To the Moon Piano Suite


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After about two years since For River was first requested by a friend, I finally got around to finishing this little arrangement of some songs from To the Moon. This is the first time using a new recording setup, so let me know if you think it sounds any better or worse than my previous recordings!

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I'm not sure about the piano playing... remarkably consistent dynamics and attack and sustain time, and I'm not sure I like it! 2:58 is driving me particularly insane, I'm not sure if it's the sample library or the reverb of it it's sequenced or whatever, but it sounds wrong, like, those accompanying 8th notes should not all be the same dynamic and rhythmic level and they shouldn't be so prominent because they're not the main focus right, the main focus is what's underneath? If you want to focus in on it even then I would say give them some shape, give them an arc, give each repeated note or phrase a different personality, that's my advice.

I'm a shitty pianist though so don't listen to me.

The arrangement seems fine though. A little meandering, a little schmaltzy, but I'm sure if I knew the context of the game I'd get the reason it's that way - it feels like that kinda thing, like it's not made to just be looked at out of context.

I hope I get a chance to play the game and listen to it again.

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