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Freedom Planet (It's Better than Undertale!)


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7 minutes ago, Mr. Bottle Rocket said:

quiplash is better than freedom planet. 8)

hey hey hey now.  Over the line.

I was just saying that Freedom Planet was a better game than Undertale.  Not that Undertale was a worse game than Freedom Planet.  It's completely different! Your comparison, sir, makes a mockery of what Galaxy Trail accomplished when they released Freedom Planet.

Which is found here: http://galaxytrail.com/freedomplanetsite/

..and here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/248310/





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Can't we just all agree that this is a great time for old-school throwback indie games?  About 70 percent or more of the modern games I play now are indie-developed.  Galaxy Trail, Wayforward, Shin'en and a lot of other developers have been making kickass stuff and filling in the gaps in the souls of old-school gamers who need new adventures to embark on.

Also, speaking if premium-tier indie games - If anybody has a Wii U and/or likes F-Zero, then download Fast Racing Neo right now.  It is freaking awesome.

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