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OCR02959 - *YES* Harlequin 'Coming to Chimerica'


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Hello Mr. DJP

Here is my new remix. I hope you like it.

It's a remix of the Amiga game "Harlequin" - a nice and jaunty tune which I've given a bit of a bombastic rework. It was produced in Reason 7, and I named it "Coming To Chimerica" after the fictional land in the game (and a hat-tip to the Eddie Murphy movie "Coming To America"). I hope you accept the remix - currently, Harlequin is lacking in recognition for its excellent soundtrack.

Here's the details :

Contact Information

Your ReMixer name - Binster

Your real name - Martin Binfield

Your website - http://www.abandonedsheep.com

Your userid - 1296

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged - Harlequin (Amiga game)

Name of arrangement - "Coming To Chimerica"

Name of individual song(s) arranged - It seems to be called "ing3" in the source file, so I guess "In-game music 3"?

Additional information about game including composer, system, etc.

- Composer = Barry Leitch

- System = Amiga

- Publisher = Gremlin Graphics

- Year = 1992

Link to the original soundtrack - http://www.lemonamiga.com/games/details.php?id=1224


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This is a very well produced track! It sounds remarkably similar to the original tune. So similar in fact, that I decided to lay them both together in my daw to see how they compare. Aside from a slight increase in tempo (just a couple of bpm), the arrangements and instrumentations are nearly identical all the way until 1:33. The remix has much better drums (they sound great), but the lead is identical as is the backing sequence pattern, chord structure and instrumentation.

Production is darn-near stellar. That's a kick with some meat to it! I love the use of the clock sounds.

Reeeeeeally conservative arrangement here. But it's working. Good stuff.


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Though the leads aren't merely taken from the original audio, I agree that the leads starting at :20 are very similar in tone & feel to the original track, so I don't have a problem with Chimpa treating those as a minus as far as level of interpretation.

That said, I don't see how this wasn't still a substantive interpretation. Definitely up until 1:13, I wouldn't have passed this. But from 1:13-on, especially after 1:58, the new supporting writing, rhythmic changeups, and beat drop-offs definitely distinguished it from the original. The dropoff at 2:52 had a very smart reference to a subtle supporting part from 2:19 of the source and gradually rebuilt things working around it.

3:22-3:36 was an area where the beats and writing being so similar to the source was another knock against this, and the overall feel was very close once again with the original, but that only lasted that short while before changing the instrumentation and textures distinctly from the source for the rest of the piece.

I was more disappointed that the textures didn't get more complex and sophisticated than they generally were, so on the production side, I would have liked more meat in the sammich, but that's neither here nor there. I'm a little underwhelmed, but it does get the job done for me production-wise, and I felt the arrangement did enough to stand apart from the original.

YES (borderline)

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Liking the clean production work here. Crisp beat, good separation of parts, nice filled out soundfield. Nothing to really gripe about on that front.

As mentioned, this initially keeps it pretty close to the original, arrangement-wise. However, Binster starts getting more and more creative with his interpretation throughout the track, keeping things fresh.

Speaking of Binster, we haven't heard from this guy in a while! I remember his older stuff being on my ocr playlist for a looong time. It's nice to see early ReMix pioneers (as I see them, at least) returning with new stuff.

Liking this mix and hoping we hear more from him soon.


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Would have also liked some more interpretation; what we got is pretty conservative.

Really clean though, and some nice variation throughout. The build with the clock stuff was cool, would have liked to have some clock sounds stick around. Some sections get pretty lush. I like it!


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