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OCR02988 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Biohazard'

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There's more detail in this than meets the eye. It's more of a subtle progressive track than it is an obviously progressive one. Takes a while to get going, but ultimately, it still makes some sufficient and substantial additions before it gets to the higher-energy parts. The bass is pretty slammin', too. I think it's a fair structure that works. Instead of calling the heavier parts the "main" parts, I would actually call them the climactic parts to a subtle, undulating, dubsteppish, atmospheric arrangement. ;)

Also, just for educational purposes, there's a click at 3:11.

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I like how the game plan here wasn't "let's make this as fast and/or powerful as possible" as per usual with Chemical Plant mixes and has a long-drawn out progression to it. Not saying that anything else is bad at all (I actually like fast and powerful), but it's just refreshing to hear the details of the build to this one. I love the "just getting started!" voice clip. I feel like I know what that is from or have heard it before (I think), but damn it if I can't remember exactly where. I hate when that happens. :P Anyway, awesome mix, Jake. You've really done well here.

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