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Considering my concluding thoughts on this ReMix were "I wish this song lasted longer", I think you've achieved your goal. :D

Even if the mixing blends together, I think it works out thanks to punchy drums, a relentless pace, rad guitars singing their hearts out, and a whole bunch of super fun variations. I really really like it!

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Loads of fun, this one. The synth guitars and pumped percussion create a tone that's both party-playful and indicative of high stakes.

I hear a lot of that 4- or 5-note arpeggio (beginning and elsewhere) from the source and held/tenuto notes (0:46, 0:58, etc.) to color/lead transitions, and I'm totally fine with that. IMO, they're not "bad" repetitive in the sense that they detract from the melodic variety, but "good" repetitive re keeping the tone/stakes/what have you intact while keeping me on edge for the next thing (in particular, the progressively tranquil rundown from 3:23 onward).

You can tell the mix itself is having so much fun when it hoists itself out of a moment of deliberation (3:57-4:01) - offbeat, even - and repeats a previous passage as if to say "ONE MORE ROUND!" And it's awesome for that.

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