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Arrangement Idea (Oh cremix!)

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No, I am not new and I need no introduction, and I think your locking of my thread was a blatant misuse of power, so I shall reinvent the bulk of it here. :)

It has come to my attention that there are many good arrangers - meaning people who arrange or program the music - here at ocremix. Indeed, there is much talent and a pretty good sense of musical theory despite a lack of actual performances and such. I think it would be a good, healthy idea for people to start using their musical skills as well as performing skills to create some real, organic music with some humanity in it! No, not another well-made fruity loops-only production... I'm talking well-made personal studio productions! My studio costed me $0 and I'm very happy. :lol:

The original idea was, during the remixing and planning process when you choose your song and style, instead of just creating the whole thing in FL Studio - or whatever you use - write different parts.. include heavy guitars, acoustic guitars, wah-wah and whatever the heck the song calls for! Sure, not EVERYONE can do this, but I'm sure there are a lot of talented multi-instrumentalists in here. Furthermore, I believe this method of remixing would also open up a wide door of creativity, and people could collaberate with each other to create remixes - possibly form actual BANDS over the internet with witty, cute monikers and such! How about a group called "The White Mages"? Surely the Black Mages need some competition. You could cover all of the mellow songs instead of the fighting songs. :wink:

I don't know about you, but this excites my pants off, literally. I know it may be hard starting out, but I'd like to see a huge influx of band-like remixes coming out... I think it would be something fresh! You guys are already close enough with the impressive orchestral compositions and stuff - some people would think it was a real orchestra, for example some of the stuff from Chrono Symphonic is pretty damn impressive.... I can't say that I have honestly ever heard a convincing all-programmed band-oriented remix yet.

I'd like to say this again: collaberation could be amazing with this.

I personally am thinking of making some kind of mash of Final Fantasy IX mellow tunes. That game made me cry sooo many times and I just beat it today... That final song where Garnet is singing - yes, the Garnet song... gotta do something with that... it's so awesome. 8O

Who thinks this is a good idea, eh? It may be a hit, may be a lose, but hopefully a hit... I'd like to see it evolve into it's own forum-space level! Possibly even forums dedicated to each remixing 'band'! Maybe I'm thinking too far ahead, but let me know your thoughts. And please don't lock this one. :(

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People have had band ideas to do huge band like collaborations before, but ultimately things don't oftne formulate on wider scales like this.

There was talk of a PRC Band too and the best thing that came out of it was an animated gif.

Your best chance is to be more specific, decisive, and aim for something a song at a time, or, at most, soundtrack at a time. The remixing section has a talent list and a sample list, anything CAN happen with any-to-most of these people... but it happens song by song and case by case. Best of luck man, but this is not the way to do this. Quite frankly, we don't work well as one big happy family, remix projects can attest to this.

Also, insulting the mods outright is generally unwise.


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Eh well he insulted me outright and without cause. :cry:

What you say makes sense... Yes, there will have to be a lot of effort from all interested parties, it won't just *poof* appear... I personally know the internet collaberation band thing can work, as I've done it myself, passing a 128kbps mp3 back and forth over the internet like a football. 8O But yes, people will have to put lots of effort into this project. :wink:

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Your first post was nothing like this one. Moved to ReMixing where it belongs. Not a bad idea here, but it's impractical to some extent. Hopefully someone can get it done. I don't like how the post implies that stuff the community here is doing currently sounds like robotic FL-n00bery with generic sounds and textures, but it wouldn't be the first sweeping generalization of the material here and it won't be the last.
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