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OC ReMix presents Dungeonmans Remanstered!

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OC ReMix Presents Dungeonmans Remanstered!

January 12, 1015

Contact: press@ocremix.org

Now for your listening pleasure, OC ReMix presents Dungeonmans Remanstered, a FREE arrangement album featuring 14 mixes of Andrew "zircon" Aversa's soundtrack to Dungeonmans! Buy it on Steam if you're into rogue-likes, old-school RPG's, and, well... dungeons. The album features McVaffe, Joshua Morse, WillRock, Inverse Phase, Sir Jordanius, and more... even if you HATE literally everything about dungeons OR mans, you need to check this album out for the amazing musics.

"Anytime someone takes the time to create an arrangement or interpretation of your original work, it's a wonderful feeling. So, to hear so many talented folks take on Dungeonmans is truly special," says Dungeonmans composer Andrew Aversa. "I was absolutely thrilled at the quantity and quality of remixes from both the friends that I personally invited, as well as the musicians who submitted to the contest. From hard rock and funk to EDM and chiptunes, I absolutely love every minute of it."

Dungeonmans is an epic roguelike adventure by Adventurepro Games inspired by classic RPGs and dungeon crawlers, now available on Steam. Create a unique champion and enjoy dozens of hours of tactical combat, deep character customization, and exploration of a world that is randomly-generated each time you play.

Aversa's score and song names for Dungeonmans (score available at OverClocked Records) were strongly inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.

"Ever since I became a composer, I've wanted to write a soundtrack to a game like Dungeonmans; something that hearkens back to my days of playing classic 16- and 32-bit RPGs," Aversa noted. "The developer, Jim Shepard, shares my love of these games and their soundtracks. He's very passionate about game music. Working on this project was thus a fantastic creative experience and the final result is, in my opinion, my finest score to date."

About OverClocked ReMix

Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Its primary focus is ocremix.org, a website featuring thousands of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and a thriving community of video game music fans.

About Adventurepro Games

Founded in 2013 by veteran programmer Jim Shepard, Adventurepro Games ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of its first title, Dungeonmans, an epic PC roguelike adventure inspired by classic RPGs, dungeon crawlers and dice-slinging tabletop games.

Shepard acted as designer and developer of the game, and is a veteran programmer with 9+ years in the AAA space working at companies like Raven Software, Gearbox, Armature, and BioWare.

Learn more about Dungeonmans on the official website: http://dungeonmans.com

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Score meaning the soundtrack. There's no manuscript; zircon produced this in FL.

Oh, I thought he did both. Never mind? I usually associate "scoring" with sheet music.

Anyways, I liked Sir J, Joshua Morse, and Will's tracks the most. Totally unexpected takes on the soundtrack but I loved them nonetheless. Not to say that everyone else's tracks weren't all excellent. :) In particular, I thought Dj Cutman's track had a very transformative direction to the original arrangement (the beginning kinda threw me off a bit but it makes sense after a while!), McVaffe did a great job adapting his piece of choice into a "true" remaster (since it sounded very much like a cavern), and I could tell XPRTNovice had a lot of fun with his voiceovers and jokework (almost sounding like Cyril the Wolf mixed with Brandon Strader IMO). :lol:

Edited by timaeus222
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Hey dude, can you fix something? My third source tune is not Proof of Stremf, but Disquieting Quagmire. Thanks!

I've upvoted your fix and made a few more edits based on your correction. Please be sure to look at all the edits and vote!

Another edit: I've added the fix to the album's VGMdb page as well.

Edited by CyberSkull
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