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EDIT: Link: https://github.com/sauraen/OCRemixUpdater

Hey everyone.

A couple years ago I wrote a program (in Java, ugh) that would keep my numbered OC ReMix collection up to date. I just dug this program out again because I wanted to download the latest Jillian Aversa song, and I figured I'd download all of them since OCR3000 while I was at it.

The program maintains a very simple database of numbered ReMixes the user has in a folder on their computer. It automatically reads the remix listings at http://ocremix.org/remixes/?&offset=0&sort=datedesc , and will download songs the user doesn't have from a random mirror, with a random amount of wait time between them (to reduce server load). It knows about the file name conventions used on mix names, so in most cases it doesn't have to check each mix's page before downloading it, it can guess the file name based on the database information. It will yell at the user if they are trying to download mixes that are available by torrent. It's stable and works decently well, despite being written in Java. ;) And the current database file, which would be distributed with the program, is up-to-date, so users don't have to download the whole thing again.

I suspect there are other people who would find this very convenient. However, I didn't want to distribute it without permission from the mods. Should I put up a link here (or somewhere else)? Do you want to evaluate it first? It'll be GPL licensed so the source code will come with it, in case anyone is concerned about malicious code.


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We're cool with it... if you intend for others to use it, however, it might be better hosting it with source intact on github or something with more transparency - I can't speak for many, but downloading Java apps from random sources (mediafire links, etc.) isn't something I'd consider safe.

As a side note, SOME DAY we'll have an official API, at which point we would prefer (and eventually even insist) that it be used instead of any scraping methods. In general, we don't want folks scraping the site, for any reason whatsoever. However, in this case the application in question has a specific focus & limited scope, and protections in place to prevent server load, etc., so we're cool with it!

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Okay! Here you go:


SOME DAY we'll have an official API, at which point we would prefer (and eventually even insist) that it be used instead of any scraping methods

I'd be happy to modify this program, or write a new one, to use a real API. Parsing HTML using string matching in Java is not exactly leet. ;-) (I wrote this three years ago, give me a break.) The upside of this is, if you ever want everyone around the world to stop using OCRemixUpdater, you just have to add a couple HTML comments <!-- --> in some key lines in the source of the "list remixes by date descending" page, and everyone's copies will stop working!

If there are any bugs or problems with the program, please let me know and I will get them fixed as soon as I can.

Edit: Getting internal server errors when trying to post text here that contains the URL of the "list remixes by date descending" page. Is it trying to follow the link and failing, or something?

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There's no such thing as "OCRemix" :-P

I needed it to start with an uppercase letter, and there could not be any spaces. The only valid one on that list then is OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition among other things, and someone might not know what OCRUpdater was. :-P I did try to consistently use "OC ReMix" in the documentation and Javadoc. :grin:

Also, the repository name is just about the only thing I can't modify here! :-?

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I needed it to start with an uppercase letter, and there could not be any spaces.

  • ocremix - All lowercase, no space. Generally used for official account usernames, URLs, and anywhere else where capital letters and spaces aren't available.

Common mistakes/what not to do:

  • OCRemix - Needs a space between OC and R, and the M should be capitalized.
  • overclocked_remix or oc_remix - if you can't use spaces, don't use underscores and don't capitalize anything, just use "ocremix"

None quite match what you need, but "Ocremix" or "OC_ReMix" might come closer. That first one looks awful, though.

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  • 4 months later...

I've written a scraping implementation in objective-c for iPhone/iPad for my own personal use. I don't use it anymore but it was really fun to be able to search my remixes and have them offline.


I also wrote a C# implementation for my windows desktop.


I would love to see api.ocremix.org someday!!!


check out this ocr app design that I found on behance https://www.behance.net/gallery/10587987/OC-ReMix-iPhone-App

(I am in no way affiliated with behance, I just thought this was cool)

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