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OCR03172 - *YES* Shovel Knight 'Catch Me'


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ReMixer - RoeTaKa
Name - Alex Roe
UserID - 9374

Games Arranged - Shovel Knight
Arrangement Name - Catch Me
Songs Arranged - The Requiem of Shield Knight

Game info -
Shovel Knight
Composers - Jake Kaufman
Systems - Wii U, 3DS, PC


Shovel Knight was a pretty awesome game, I really enjoyed playing it. One of my favourite moments in the game is when you're sleeping after you beat a level and you dream about Shield Knight falling, you have to catch her and this lovely music plays. Those little segments with that music together really nail why Shovel Knight is doing what he is doing. You instinctively feel the need to complete this objective whilst fighting off enemies and I just think it was an inspired part of the game that acts as a great metaphor to Shovel Knights' emotions. It didn't have to be there but it was and I appreciate that. I think that is one of the reasons that made me love this song even more.

It was refreshing to arrange this because I knew I wanted it to be somewhat simple. It's mostly just piano and violin, backed with some orchestral strings and later a harp for some extra texture and movement. The melody is what stuck with me the most and I wanted to focus on that. Some of the Shovel Knight theme is included as well in the beginning and the middle section too. I'm sure nobody expects a remix like this from Shovel Knight haha. There is already a great arrangement album that released with the soundtrack and I'm really pleased how this arrangement turned out.


- "The Requiem of Shield Knight"
- "Main Theme"
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The Shovel Knight main theme from 1:35-2:06 sounded pretty liberal, so I actually didn't count that, but the source usage is straightforward and well over 50%, so I'm not including a timestamped count.

When the volume's all the way up (I listened to it louder than normal at first), you hear a LOT of hiss in the opening piano passage until :26, which should have been eliminated somehow. It's faint at a regular volume, so it's not a big deal, but just watch for details like that in your render.

The piano sequencing's pretty good for the opening, but the supporting notes underneath the main verses sounded somewhat mechanical. Overall though, it's a good sound. Much like Alex's other pieces, the string work is beautiful, and well-executed considering it's not live players.

An excellent and emotive arrangement. Once can't help but be impressed by the romantic-yet-tortured feeling of the piece.

Save her.


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Larry, ok so I was getting ready to call you out on having cotton in your ears... but when listening to this track at extremely high volume as you suggested, I do hear the hiss you are referring to.  That's a shame, and there is a hiss inherent in the piano sample.  And while I just learned something valuable about listening at louder volumes for judging issues, this isn't a track I would ever BLAST at loud volumes!  At normal listening volume, it sounds very clean.  I find the mixing to be very clean overall.


This track has plenty of source and the arrangement is so darned lovely that it brings me to tears.  Love it.



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oh sir, you win


this arrangement is expressive and beautiful, a thoughtful departure from the original's hard hitting, grimy chip tone. it takes the strengths of the original (kaufman's impeccable part writing) and continues to buff that strength with eloquent strings on a bed of piano.

i hear the hiss. i don't care lol

i have nothing else to say on it.


oh except for


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