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OCR03175 - *YES* Kirby's Dream Land 3 'Dreamin' of Them Funky Ripples!'


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Contact information:
Remixer name: Jorito
Real Name: Jorrith Schaap
Website: http://www.jorito.net/
Userid: 3917

Submission information:

Name of Game(s) Remixed: Kirby's Dream Land 3
Additional Game information:
   System: SNES
   Developer: HAL Laboratory
   Genre: Platforming
   Released: 1997
   Composer: Jun Ishikawa
Name of Arrangement: Dreamin' Of Them Funky Ripples!

Names of song arranged: Ripple Field (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ayiva561auI)
Comments about the mix:
So here's a funky, groovy remix of the song "Ripple Field" from the SNES game Kirby's Dream Land 3 that I originally did for the Meat 'n Potatoes compo. Never played the game myself but the source tune was very catchy, and it turned out to be a cool and fun track to work on.
I tried going for a bit of live funk band feeling. I started with the funky guitar and the horns, and the slap bass and the organs came quite naturally after that. And of course those nice cheesy jazz scat voices from Omnisphere just begged to be used somewhere, and this song was a very good place for them. Basically got so inspired by the source track that the song more or less created itself.
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Haha!  I did an entire track where I used those Omnisphere voices as leads.  I thought it was funny; no one else did.  Oh well.  I like them here as backing, I think they are panned too severely though.


I really like that bassline!  The samples you've used here sound very good.  I'm not fooled that those are real trumpets, and I recognize that Omnisphere steel guitar, but you've used the samples well.


I have two issues with this track.  One issue is that the drum beat sounds quite repetitive, although you have added some snare rolls and transitions, the primary beat really never changes.  My other issue is that the source melody never changes.  You said you did this for MnP, so I understand that you stick quite close to the source writing.  And you've certainly varied the instrumentation, so it does sound fresh throughout.  I'm actually going to wait for some other opinions on this before voting.


edit 7/13/15:  Listening again, my above-mentioned crits still stand.  But there is so much going for this track, it's really fun.  Dat bassline.  :-)  To use a Larryism, "let's go."



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The melody's conservatively handled, as to be expected from a MnP mix, but this was a VERY stylish treatment, so IMO the arrangement was on solid ground, and I didn't have concerns on melodic or percussion repetition. When the overall structure repeats, I'm looking for the leads and/or supporting writing to have at least subtle variations, as well as the overall arrangements approach to be heavily interpretive in the first place, and Jorrith achieved that without a problem.


The opening brass at :03 seemed pretty low quality, though it functions a lot like a synth, so it's not a dealbreaker per se. The brass sounds better at :15 when the percussion fills the background out, and by :27 it's just a supporting player, so it's not a big issue. The string accents from :52-:56 & 2:16-2:27 were also too exposed as well.


On the plus side though, all of the other instrumentation sounds a lot stronger, and the upbeat, funky groove here locked together nicely. In particular, I loved the the energy of the percussion and bass writing.


I thought the melodic lead at 1:10 should have stood out more; until 1:25, the percussion dominated, but I do appreciate the contrast, and the more traditional balance of the parts at 1:25 showed that 1:10 was a purposeful choice. The scatting vocal samples at 2:29 remind a little of the Where's My Perry? soundtrack, which is awesome. :-)


Anyway, nitpicking aside, this had great energy, Jorrith, and you nailed it when it came to giving the source tune your own unique treatment.


(> ^_^)> YES

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You ain't gonna fool anyone into thinking this is live—not with that brass—but that's okay. This has a great mid-90s redbook audio PC game vibe. Something like DREAMLAND MALIBU RACING.


This is great. LOVE the slap bass going all over the place. Very energetic. Overall take is a bit conservative, but not egregiously so.


I like it!



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Oh gosh, just a few seconds in and I'm already grinning, tapping my feet, and bobbing my head. This is a good sign. Let's see--fun brass stabs, DAT SLAP BASS, some organ, energetic groove...and hi yourself, Kirby! Yeah, this arrangement is just too much fun. None of the technical nitpicks mentioned above really stood out to me, so yeah--definitely gotta pass this one! 



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