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Chronicles of Heroes: Musicians Needed!

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Hello Overclock Remix!

Loved this place as a kid it was my number one hang out for good tunes and incidently that is how I found this place again.
Engraved in my memory so I figure might as well shoot my issue this way see if I can get some help.
For the last six months I have been designing a game to get out of crippling debt after my wife got sick.

An we have gotten far enough in it to where I need music problem is I don't got a budget I plan on going to kickstarter in the long run to help fun some things but ultimately I do not think it will get that far. So I am asking here if anyone out there would be willing to help us out.

Long story short, the game looks like Final Fantasy VI in its overall design, including the game logo which a friend of mine just finished.
What follows is a plot summary of my characters and game lore. If you are interested please let me know, as I would love to get a nice musician to help out. If you aren't and I am guessing a lot of people aren't. Be nice when you flame me?, I get it I am asking a artist to work for free and thats not cool.


Before all existence, there was the Boundless. And from the Boundless came divine beings

known as the Goddesses. With their powers, the Goddesses created the world of Aria; a land

of magic and hope. With their work done, they returned to the Boundless; leaving behind

Relics containing their power. If the people of the world ever needed their power, they could call

upon these Relics.


But not all divine beings are good. And over time as the legend of the Boundless fell to

mere hearsay, a man discovered one of these Relics and with it built his kingdom. And with

the power of the Relic, his plan to remake the world in his image began.



The point to the game is to make people think about sexism, racism, religious bigots as the game itself has challengers the players must face and overcome to get by. Facing real world problems in a game to get the actual player thinking. You follow Jewel Garnet and her Friends Kat Katrina, Garret and Byron on their mission to save the world of Arai from a unknown presence that looms over.

Jewel Garnet the daughter of a weathly business man who tried to get her wed off to further his own pockets.
Garret a ex-soldier who was dishonorably discharged for not following orders.

Kat a female thief and Demi of a cat, with her agile abilities she is a great pick pocket.

Byron, a cursed Demi not wanted by even his own kind and given to a slave driver to live out his life in manuel labor.


These fourth youths have to band together againest all odds and save the world from a periless evil.




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We are comprising a demo at the moment, the pixal artists we have are designing the things I need once that is done I can finish making a demo.
I got some "current" in game screens but bare in mind they are not %100 complete yet.


The country they live in not a work map a "country" map I have planned three more installments if people like this. Also to avoid filling the forum with a super huge image here is on my deviantart. http://thewhiterose000.deviantart.com/art/Continent-of-536584191




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I'm busy until August - however I could contribute some writing (my experince is mostly electronic however) and definitely live acoustic violin on anything you might need. If you'll need a reference then check out 'Do You Remember' on Ivan's forthcoming PS1 tribute album.

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