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Omni-Psyence STARDUST Remix Contest - Sponsored by OC Records! Enter and win swag.


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OverClocked Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of "Rust and Effervescence", the DEBUT full-length orignial album from OC ReMixer Omni-Psyence. To celebrate, we're releasing the full stems for the atmospheric, vocal electronic track "Stardust" and launching a REMIX COMPETITION starting today!






Releasing on July 27th, Rust and Effervescence is the debut album from progressive electro artist Omni-Psyence, whose work you might know from OCR and albums like Harmony of Hunter. Featuring 14 tracks of hybrid electronica with influences ranging from synthwave to psytrance and even cinematic soundtracks, Rust and Effervescence will take you on a synth-fueled emotional journey. 


Also featured on the album are friends and collaborators Anba, Tera Catallo, and Vivien Lalu, each bringing their own amazing and unique style. With over one hour of music over a year in the making, this debut release is not to be missed by any fan of introspective electronic music.


You can help support and promote the album on release day by joining our Thunderclap on social media. It's easy and free:





Stardust (ft. Anba) - 90 BPM, E minor










We want to hear YOUR remixes and arrangements of Stardust. Anyone can enter! You can use the stems provided above to get started, but feel free to write your own new parts from scratch, or by ear. All genres are welcome, from EDM to metal. 


The contest begins today (July 20th) and ends in two weeks, on August 3rd, 11:45PM EST. We'll announce the wniner one week after that, on August 10th.


When you finish your entry, you can email it to the artist himself (seifer7979 (at) yahoo (dot) com), CC to Mason Edwards (mason (dot) edwards13 (at) gmail (dot) com)




The producers of the top three tracks will win some great sponsored prizes provided by:


VSTBuzz.com - Insane weekly music software deals, up to 90% off one sample library, plugin, or soundset each week!

* Impact Soundworks - Virtual instruments designed with composers in mind. 

* OverClocked Records - The video game community record label.


1st Place: $100 gift certificate for Impact Soundworks libraries, $50 coupon for VSTBuzz deals, $25 coupon for the OverClocked Records store.

2nd Place: $50 gift certificate for Impact Soundworks libraries, Business of Music Licensing e-book (fantastic!), $25 coupon for the OverClocked Records store.

3rd Place: The Sampling Handbook (upcoming ebook!), $25 coupon for the OverClocked Records store.


Good luck! Let us know if you have any questions!

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