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Heroes of the Storm


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After leaving the moba scene I've returned to play Heroes of the Storm.


It's more fast-paced than League but the games tend to snowball more. I like the varying objectives on each map and I also enjoy that there are multiple maps to play in the same general format.


There's a player level that is permanent outside of gameplay like summoner levels from League. What's interesting is that they also have hero levels for the heroes which are permanent and they unlocks things like traits or skins (in combination with in-game currency).


Anyway, add me on Battle.net if you wanna play!


HotS Players


kitty - Wozza#1978

Kat - Virtuoso#1608

k-wix - kwix#1499

Koriantor - Koriantor#1937

zykO - zyko#1323

kupernikus - Kouper#1332

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I occasionally play HotS, though I'm not as big of a fan of it as League.  I'm sure most of that has to do with the fact I've spent so much time in League and know it fairly well.  As a result I'm pretty casual with it, but if I'm online, I'm down to play a few games.  Koriantor#1937

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