Metroid Prime - Title Theme

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Hey Guys!


This is my very first post on this website and I'm excited that I found out about it.


I've wanted to do arrangements/remixes of the themes from the Metroid Prime trilogy for many years now. Just recently I found the motivation to finally step up and see what I can do with it.

This song contains the "Title Theme" from MP1 and I think Other M as well.


I had this idea of taking the song and making it darker, more cinematic, and more aggressive with some heavy hitting drums and percussion. 

I tried to keep in mind the balance of familiarity (the common melody that everyone knows) and the unknown (new interesting ideas), however I've listened to it so many times while mixing that I have lost all perspective and would like to know what you guys think about it.


I would really appreciate it if you could provide me with any feedback whatsoever.



Hope you like it,




remix -


original -

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Oh hey, Heavyocity Damage. :P


I guess I would say to improve the sounds that aren't Damage, to get them to be up to par with Damage. Right now, I bet if you muted Damage, the soundscape would really feel empty, ,which would mean Damage is a very significant contributor. When you can do so and not have it feel empty, I think that would be optimal. Also, the intro before 0:11 feels rather narrow and lossy compared to the rest. I know you want contrast, but maybe make it wider and a bit less lossy.

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I really enjoyed this one, it captures the spirit and tone of the original well. I also really enjoyed the drums and the way they entered. I especially like all the pieces of background percussion, theyve been adjusted and distorted just right to make it fit, they're great.

Unfortunately I can't make any comments on the mix itself as I can only listen through my headphones at the moment, but what I heard, I enjoyed.

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