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I Cannot Stop Moving to Torn Apart by Xaleph! Please Suggest More Remixes for Aerobics/Dancing/Weight-Lifting

The Legendary Zoltan

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My Quest

To grind until my body is level 99. What does level 99 look like? This.




That's right! I'm going for the Fabio body! Don't try to stop me! Anyway, I'm working on my own workout. I'd rather do an hour of aerobics than 30 minutes of running. Whenever my mix CD gets to Torn Apart by Xaleph, I'm a completely different person. I can boxercise the hell out of anyone for any amount of time to that song. And I'm FAT!


3 Things I Want In Exercise Music

1. A tempo good for stepping to. Torn Apart (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01630) and Triforce Majeure (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01184) are about the right tempo.


2. Aggression. Torn Apart sounds kinda brutal. Most Xaleph remixes do and that puts me in such a mood. I really liked his FF7 remixes as well.


3. A constant techno beat. What I mean is how there's a bass drum hit on every beat. Not a requirement but it helps.


Anyone have any suggestions workout music within OCR or without? Thanks!

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I actually did a presentation on a related subject just last year.  


Around 2001 Hajime Fukui started testing the effects of music and sex hormones.  He found that in a group of healthy college students testosterone was lower in men after listening to music than females.  Some females even showed an increase in testosterone making music more of a hormone equalizer of sorts which he believed made it easier for musicians to work in groups than most others.   I had the original article on this but for the life of me I can't find it so here is a couch reporter's interpretation of it.  




Now, of all the music tested.  He did not test the aggressive styles of music such as Metal, Hardcore Dubstep etc.  It is believed that listening to this style of music encourages hypertonus and enhances the body's ability to recruit more muscle fibers in a single movement and some people believe that listening to music that pumps you up can even increase testosterone for your workout. HOWEVER! Listening to aggressive music triggers the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, that can put you deep into a fight or flight response, yet the presence of cortisol can also adversely affect the available testosterone the body has.  You hear about people with high stress levels 




So is a musician actually advocating the disuse of music?  Heck no, i use it all the time for my workouts but the jury's still out on it's actual effectiveness. If your goal is to look like the picture you provided.  It's possible music may actually be a hindrance.




There were several contradictions found by the same person that in patients with neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's that music therapy could increase sex hormones that were already low to closer to normal levels that could help control the disease.




Music seems to be more of an equalizer than anything and may or may not help you reach your goals.  


Doing my own tests on the matter I have been doing some musical manipulation and starting a workout with 




Then when I get in the car to go home I IMMEDIATELY cool down with something like


to get the cortisol down. So far it seems to work.  



And not to dash too much reality on anything but fitness models don't look like fitness models for long.  In between photo shoots they maintain their overall level of body fat to around say 12% or so.  Then when a shoot is coming up they drop down to around 8% along with a significant amount water loss.  After the shoot they rehydrate and don't look like what they just did the day before.  It's extremely taxing to the body to get down that far in the first place and maintaining it year round is more or less impossible.   


good luck!

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