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OCR03354 - *YES* Dark Souls 'Knight and Executioner'

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ReMixer - RoeTaKa
Name - Alex Roe
Email - 
UserID - 9374
Games Arranged - Dark Souls
Arrangement Name - Knight and Executioner
Songs Arranged - Ornstein and Smough
Game info -
    Dark Souls
    Composers - Motoi Sakuraba, 
    Systems - Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
I get requests to remix certain Dark Souls songs; Ornstein and Smough is the most popular one. It's a song that I would avoid because it was just a big intense orchestral piece...and that's what I usually make. With 'E.S. Gwyn' I could avoid it sounding like a cover cause the original was for piano and I had a strong idea to push it. Here I just thought, well, I've been listening to Lords of Shadow 2's music quite a bit recently, let's try doing something like that then!
I had to take liberties by moving the arrangement around to fit the ideas I was going for. There's a section at 1:40 for example which was just this small organ part in the original and I liked the movement of it, so I gave it its own moment (and even used some organ so people might recognize it from that). It was a lot of fun to make after the dread settled. I'll probably take a break from Souls remixes, I hear Bloodborne is coming soon :)


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Right out of the gate it has a similar feel, but is a lot more intense. I really am enjoying the builds you've added, and the synths in the lower end add a lot of cool texture and mood. There are distinct similarities in the arrangement, but you've sufficiently personalized it with a lot of expanded parts, some new articulations. I really enjoyed the dynamics, and while I feel that the styles are really similar, enough expansion and progression has been done, and it's all pretty intelligently added in, that this passes muster. 


Sequencing is really nice, some of the marcato stings could have used a bit more rhythmic changeups to be a bit more interesting, but that is the smallest of nits to pick.



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This is very nice! Love the energy you added to it, the track has a lot of anxiety to it that really drives the mood. Andrew really describes this well when he mentions that there's a lot that is similar to the original, but you really worked to make it your own. Great work!



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Source usage:

00:00 - 00:27    : Source's Intro
00:27 - 00:40    : Expansion of the source's subsequent 30 seconds after the intro
00:40 - 01:40    : Adaptation of the source's marcato strings melody into the main motif.
01:40 - 02:06    : Mostly original, perhaps an adaptation of the source's buildup.
02:06 - 02:19    : Source's main motif
02:19 - 02:54    : Mostly original but with some underlying aspects from the source's brass section at 1:20
02:54 - 03:00    : Main Motif variation
03:00 - 03:12    : Mostly original
03:12 - 04:14    : Main motif, very clear with plenty of variations.

Source usage is over 75%, so good to go.

This is really, really good.  I'll go ahead and say that I prefer your version over the original.

Production is well above our bar: clear mix, good usage of effects on your instruments, great instrument quality and extensive humanization.  If I have to nitpick production here, I would say I wasn't sure about the synths at 01:42, as they sound a bit more like artifacts than intentional.  The marcato strings at 02:30 could've been a bit more dynamic.  But again, those are nitpicks that don't take away much from an otherwise good execution.

Your arrangement is original, full of detail and emotion.  This really evokes feelings of impending doom, anxiety, and near the end, realization.  You managed to make the arrangement much more robust, full and detailed but managed with the proper care as not to make it feel overly crowded.  Performances feel natural and oozing intensity.  You've managed to surpass the original in my opinion.

Not much else to say other than, Nice Work.



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On 2/29/2016 at 7:01 PM, Sir_NutS said:

This is really, really good.  I'll go ahead and say that I prefer your version over the original.

I concur! It's an awesome feat to expand the original in a very similar genre and successfully push it even further like you did. The highs and lows in the structure are extremely tasty, and the sound quality is excellent. Lots of expressivity all along, lots of personalization, with the source still very recognizable.

There isn't much else to say that wasn't already said here! Super awesome stuff.


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