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*NO* Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 'Molgera's Love' *PROJECT*


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Remastered versions 1/22/16:  

Brent changed the arrangement a bit, added some effects, slowed it down, and improved the mixing, and I mastered the result.

This track has now gone plaid past "evil" and arrived right at "demonic."  Perfect for the album, methinks!


Remixers:  Chimpazilla & Redg
Game arranged:  Legend of Zelda:  Wind Waker
Name of arrangement:  'Molgera's Love'
Source arranged:  Molgera Battle theme  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlF0-Qs2xkI
Special thanks to WillRock for his "chicka chickas"
This room, I've been here before.  The thick musty smell and the dim sepia-toned light are so familiar.  I'm in an enormous sand pit, enclosed by... walls?  I can't escape, I must jump down below, must move forward.  The ground rumbles as the room fills with even more dreaded sand.  Suddenly from the floor bursts the most marvelous creature with sideways flapping lips... is this some kind of god?  
Before I can organize my thoughts, the beast has gone back down beneath the sand.  The Thing of Glory emerges partially to reveal a single magnificent purple tentacle.  I am being drawn into the swirling eddy surrounding this godlike Entity.  It seems I am destined to merge with It... but no, the fear is too great, I must resist.  Instinctively I lash out; the terror is too powerful to do anything else.  Ah, but the Beast speaks the language of pain.  I slash away.  I am rewarded with miniature copies of Itself!  
The wormlike demigods leap and roar and hurl themselves at me.  I am blinded by airborne sand.  Paradoxically I am helpless against the aggressors until I draw them close to me!  At the very moment they could most easily devour me, I have my advantage!  I must kill them... I must... the Big One will have it no other way.  Sometimes the murder provides me with a life-sustaining heart, but not always.  The mini-beasts attack, more and more of them emerge from the sand, while their parent, the Primary, continues to taunt me from its position in the floor, waving toward me with its one sinister tentacle, surrounded by those two odd appendages, flapping hypnotically.
I must kill this Beast.  It is him or me, I'm sure of this now;  I am running out of lifeforce.  The minions surround me, offering sparing, random chances to regain my strength.  I need hearts desperately, running too low now... lower and lower health.  I hear a strange beeping in my ears, getting louder and louder... Oh Godlike Creature!  Please give me life-sustaining hearts!  My beautiful Molgera, revered All-Powerful Being, all I wanted was for you to love me... MOLGERA, WHERE IS THE LOVE???
Source breakdown:
Here are the sections of the Molgera source that we used:
motif A:   0:12-0:38  http://youtu.be/wlF0-Qs2xkI?t=12s
motif B:   0:38-0:50  http://youtu.be/wlF0-Qs2xkI?t=38s
motif C:   0:38-0:39 (just 4 notes) http://youtu.be/wlF0-Qs2xkI?t=38s
main drum beat: 0:00-0:11 http://youtu.be/wlF0-Qs2xkI
transition notes:   1:04-1:10 (5 notes but we used 3 and repeated them as a 4 note pattern)http://youtu.be/wlF0-Qs2xkI?t=1m4s
chicka chickas   0:06-0:11  http://youtu.be/wlF0-Qs2xkI?t=6s
And here is where they are in the ReMix:
0:00-0:22   transition notes  22 seconds
0:22-0:29   original
0:29-0:59   motif A (and chickas by WillRock!)  30 seconds
0:59-1:10   motif B   11 seconds
1:13-1:28   motif A   15 seconds
From 1:28-3:40, the drums and bass are meant to represent the main drumbeat at the beginning of the source, and the bass is following the chord structure of Motif A.  Since this is so tenuous, I have timed these parts out and put them in parentheses, but they are not counted in the total unless there is obvious source motif over them.  They can be counted if needed only.  
1:28-1:44   main drum beat using motif A chord structure  (16 seconds)
1:44-1:55   motif A   11 seconds
1:56-1:58   motif C    2 seconds
1:55-2:27   main drum beat using motif A chord structure  (32 seconds)
2:27-2:42   motif A   15 seconds
2:42-2:58   original harp solo over main drum/Motif A chord structure  (16 seconds)
2:58-3:10   transition notes   12 seconds
3:10-3:12   motif C   2 seconds
3:12-3:20   motif A   8 seconds
3:35-3:40   chicka chickas   5 seconds
ReMix length:  3:40 or 220 seconds
Source use excluding the liberal bass/drums sections:  133 seconds or 60%
Source use if bass/drum sections are counted:  197 seconds or 90%
Edited by Liontamer
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Cool interpretation of the source.


Some of the mixing was a bit muddy with the kick and bass fighting with some of the backing synths, but otherwise the soundscape was interesting and reasonably deep. I do recommend sidechaining your bass and layering your kick with something that has a bit more high end. It doesn't need to be a lot to change the tone, but just something to shape it a bit better. Some of the beats felt a little too off-kilter, though it did help to add to the unsettling mood. I can't really say i'm a fan of how they never lock on to the rest of the track, however. Even doing it for a few sections would give it more of a center. 


The arrangement develops pretty nicely overall, and i think this has promise, but I think the mixing in the low end needs to be organized a bit more. I'd like the drums to have a bit more cohesion with the rest of the track, but I understand it is a calculated stylistic choice and that won't factor into my vote. You may want to bring the harp up a touch in volume as well, though once the low mids are cleared up it may not be needed.


No, please resubmit

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Chimpa and Redg collab? I'm already intrigued...

Liked the intro, but was underwhelmed when the main motif entered. The mid-high ranges feel a bit empty, like the melody instruments could've been much louder. OA might be saying the same thing as me if he was listening to this at a higher volume. It's very bass-dominated and groovy, but it doesn't sound like just a stylistic choice because the intro has a better balance. You add a new bass instrument starting at 1:28 which fills things in much better too.

Overall, I think this was still a pass though. The arrangement was really cool, and I think highlights the elements that I like most about your individual music. There's a lot of creativity and interesting touches in this mix, and even the one problem I mentioned can kind of be seen as a stylistic choice. Nice work.


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Brent has the mixing file on this track.  Hold up on voting on this until he and I talk about this.

Hey Brent, do you want to take a look at the mixing issues that have been brought up?  Then I can take a stab at re-mastering it if you'd like, I have learned how to master much better since I've been taking lessons from bLiNd, it might make a good improvement here.  Let me know.

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Just noticed you go the new version up! Right away I feel like the melody is being overpowered a bit by the backing, part of this due to the staccato notes. The balance for most of the rest of the track feels good, just that first section. The sounds used over all are pretty unique and a have a bit of funk, which is cool. Really adds a unique flavor!

I'm not sure about the arrangement, it feels like there's a lot of build, but I don't feel like it it reaches a climax. I think the issue might like with the second half starting at 1:20. You've got the backing pattern going on (the "+2+" rhythm) that continues pretty much unchanged for the rest of the song. Because of this the  build in the arrangement is lost. I really feel like that needs to be addressed before I can give this a pass. I do think the adjustment to that rhythm/part will make most of the difference, too!

No (resubmit)

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I love the sound design in this track, very intricate and detailed.  I have to concur with DA, the melody is being overpowered by a rather unruly synth bass, specially in the first section at 0:31 until around 1:04. I think the bass, specially at this section, could use some compression and/or toning down to leash it under control.  You can notice how the amplitude is varying wildly depending on the pitch, it makes it feel unstable and a bit incoherent.  This behavior is likely also causing other balance issues related to how the main elements aren't taking precedence.  This problem is very prominent in this starting section, but its not a big issue later.    The later sections are more intricate, balanced and interesting as well, sound-design wise.  Finally, the snare could be more snappy, it lacks any kind of power right now.

About the arrangement I think the track gets a bit lost around 02:16.  The unchanged beat and bass contribute to this feeling of lack of direction.  I also feel like the main instruments, being at around the same level as the backings, also contribute to this.  I suggest that, in case you are changing this last section, to tweak the previous section instead (perhaps a simplified version of the beat/bass)  so this one can shine through.  Beefing up the last version could run the risk of overcrowding the sound space.

I did enjoy the glitched out presentation and as I said in the start the sound design is awesome, reminds me a bit of Mr. Bill in its organized madness, but with more bite and dirt.  This is very close but I can't pass it in this state, I'd like to see the first section brought to a balanced state and a less stale last section.  

NO (Resubmit)

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  • Sir_NutS changed the title to 2015/01/14 - (1Y/3N) Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 'Molgera's Love' *NEW VERSION UP*

I like the concept of the track, but I have to agree about that unbalanced bass. I also agree that from 2:10 on, things don't really seem to be going anywhere, and I strongly suggest revisiting that part of the arrangement to give it more meaning instead of having a few bits and pieces thrown around the same bass pattern. Maybe even just balancing the mix would improve this issue, because the bass having the focus for so long without having that much variation in it may be a big contributing factor to that problem. Although I still do recommend revisiting the writing of that whole section.

I really liked the breakdown section from 1:04-1:20, it added a lot of value to the arrangement. I also like the general concept of the track, but I think the balance issues should be fixed before this can pass, and reworking the arrangement would be a great plus.

NO (resubmit)

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