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OCR03529 - *YES* Akumajo Dracula X: Rondo of Blood "All I Wanna Do"

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Could have been a DP but I just wanted to see some judge comments on THESE NEW JACK FEELS.

- djp



Hi :3
ReMixer Name: DoD  Music Factory
Members: Coda, Finbeard, Midee, Snappleman, Yusef Kelliebrew
Email: you know my email, silly :33333333 
Game: Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
Name of arrangement: All I Wanna Do
Name of individual songs arranged: Opus 13, Opposing Bloodlines
So it was Magfest time in Dwelling of Duels, and the theme was DANCE MONTH! which basically meant submit a song that people can dance to. As usual I waited till the week before magfest before I even started thinking about it.
I figured I wanted to do some Bobby Brown sounding new jack swing, and I knew I wanted Chuck on vocal. I went to Coda and told him that I wanted a verse and chorus in A minor, new jack swing style. He had that bit tracked out in 20 minutes, we laughed at how silly it was. Then I sent it to Midee and we laughed at how silly it was, then Midee started doing what Midee does (making incredible music). So we worked out the song and got it sounding decent. Then I sent it to chuck and gave him some subject matter to write lyrics over, which he did, and then he sang and recorded them too.  I worked out the rap section and all that, then I went to Yusef and asked him for a guitar solo in A minor, which he gave me within 10 minutes. Then I sat down and mixed the song, submitted to DoD and etc etc.
We kind of lost the Bobby Brown vibe early on but it turned out being an homage to early 90s hip hop/RnB/NKOTB, so that's good enough for us. Enjoy.


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Oh sweet mercy YES. This song right here. I actually ended up placing just behind this one in that particular DoD with my XPRTNovice collab, and I couldn't be happier--this is everything good about the early '90s right here. I feel like the DoD version was shorter...am I off base? Anyways. It's polished, that rap breakdown is completely ON POINT, the source usage is all over, Yusef kills it on the solo...yeah. It's a complete package that manages to punch me in the nostalgia feels and keep me on the dancefloor at the same time.



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This is and was the best DoD song ever. Sorry everyone before and everyone after, but you are just aiming for second place now. 


The vocal is expressive and not overly treated, and the arrangement is basically a best-of showcase of the entire New Jack Swing genre. All of the references to other songs and motifs of the era are both clever and fun, without being too damaging to the 4th wall. The beats are varied and danceable, the solo tears it up, and the progression of the track is great. 


Also YES

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This seemed like an easy YES to me. Here's my source breakdown:

Opus chorus chords or melody used (1:31-1:45, 2:38-2:52, 4:44-4:56, 5:01-5:15)
Opus bridge chords, or melody used (2:55-3:19)
Opus intro synth used (3:55-4:10)

Opposing Bloodlines chords or melody used (0:50-1:31, 1:49-2:36, 4:26-4:42)

There was some changing of the Opposing Bloodlines melody so that it didn't fit exactly, but almost all of it was drawn from somewhere in the melody, enough that I felt the whole section was clearly arranging the song. There's also a background synth that doubles the original melody even when the vocals deviate.

Damn, what a jam. I toyed around with some New Jack Swing Sonic remixes several years ago, but this completely nails the style. The vocals had the perfect delivery for this, and the bridge literally made me laugh out loud, though I would have been disappointed if it didn't. The early 90's were the epitome of corny raps.


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