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Sometimes Dan Draws Clothed People

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Here's a thread for sharing work when it seems OCRemix safe-appropriate.  Clothed, etc.

I'll kick it off with a figure drawing session:


Tonight's Drawing Club featured model Debra Haden dressed up in a sort of Edwardian dress and hair inspired by Sherlock Holmes' Adler character--amazing hair, amazing model, lots of fun!

Media: Charcoal on Newsprint
Poses: 5-15 minute










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Thanks Jared!

I use charcoal for life-drawing sessions because it's cheap but flexible/expressive.  Newsprint is great for cheap scratch paper.

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Thanks, I was really pushing the gestures this session--but also, the model was really amazing.  I heard from someone that back in her prime, she was a fashion model in London!

The secret agent looking one turned out pretty well, though I think I went a bit nuts on her jacket folds--I think that was a 7 minute pose.

I think it also helps the gesture that the drawings are pretty big.  I'm working on 22" x 18" paper and many of the drawings are one per page (except for the first two which were part of the 5 minute poses).  The face one takes up the whole page.

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Decided to go to the long-pose session tonight. Glad I went, always great people and Maura is a delightful model!

I should have brought a mirror, however, because I totally messed up her eyes! :(

Media: Charcoal on 80# Drawing Paper 18" x 24"

Model: Maura

Pose: 4 hours


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