*NO* RosenkreuzStilette 'Find Your Way'

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Woah. Lots of cool ideas here and pretty nice sounding original vocals. Don't think the synth work is really jiving with the rest of the soundscape, and some of the vocals are chopped weirdly, but this has tons of promise - Emunator
Remixer Name: Order of Týr
Real Names: Jordan B. Sanders, Michael Klodzinski, Donna Roland
Email Address: 
UserId: 32456 
The profile URL is no longer of the same format as represented in the submission instructions.  Our profile URL is http://ocremix.org/community/user/32456-orderoftyr/.  I attempted to go to http://ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=32456which did not take me to our profile.  This leads me to believe that 32456 may not be our UserId.  Hopefully, the link to our profile is sufficient.
Game Arranged: RosenkreuzStilette
Name of Arrangement: Find Your Way
Song Arranged: Luste Teuber Stage [Luftfeste Sleipnir (Sleipnir, the Flying Fortress)]
Arrangement Link: 
Game Composers: AM3, Silver Chaos (Chaos of Silver), Sky God Corridor, Ramine, maru, Blue Sky!, Vampire Revolution, Gice=D-Zen, Extra Ocean, The Chair Hideout, God Melospi, in the Ruins of Memories, SHW, oo39 Dot Com, Njomo (njomoozu Z), Song! Cat Room: Unkolyn
Track's Composer: AM3
Game Developer: [erka:es]
Game Publisher: [erka:es]
Game System: PC
Game Year: 2007
Comments: The original track is already high-energy and upbeat, but we wanted to take that to the next level with a slightly more aggressive arrangement.  Adding original vocals was natural not only because that's our normal MO but also because the original track is perfectly divided for easy transitions and clear, distinct sections.  The breakdown was added as a way to bridge the two halves of the song and to break it up from feeling too repetitious.  The three of us are located far apart from each other (Chicago, IL, Memphis, TN, and Chattanooga, TN), so the arrangement, recording, and mixing processes took place collaboratively over the Internet.
Jordan B. Sanders
Order of Týr
Original Track:  
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wow those vocals! really strong voice, I think the vocals are the absolute best thing about this song.  Sadly the rest of the song doesn't want to play along well, the mix feels dry, the synths feel very weak and don't sit well within the mix, sections like 0:16-0:32 feel really empty and even cheesy because the weak synths can't carry it on their own.  The drums are well sequenced but the kick and snare are sitting outside the mix too much.  The guitars are ok for the most part but the chopping at 01:48 sounds off, overly artificial.

Regarding the arrangement I didn't hear much in terms of interpretation, it's very similar to the original and I would have liked much more interpretation specially since the style of this remix resembles the original's pretty closely.  The melodies didn't play well with the vocals in quite a few places, and it seemed like the synths and the vocals were doing their own thing and not trying to harmonize together, i.e. 0:32-0:48.  Other than that I thought the structure was fine and I enjoyed the break at 01:34 which brought some much needed originality to the song.  The vocals were handled well, with different vocal harmonies backing the lead.

I definitely think this is a more powerful version of the original, as you guys intended, and those vocals are strong as hell and powerful! but I think the overall mix is a bit behind.  It needs a push in the production to get everything sounding tighter together, and more interesting synths.  On the arrangement side of things I would like more interpretation and with it, changing the backing melodies so they fit the awesome vocal lead better.

NO (Resubmit)

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Man, love the vocals here! Really makes me think of an opening of an anime. Unfortunately I'm going to agree with Mike here that the mix doesn't hold up under the strength of the vocals. I'd love the vocals to sit in the mix just a tad more, and the synths need some work to be a little sooner as well.

The arrangement itself is close to the source, but I think there's personalization in abundance with the vocal addition as well as the stronger feel of the arrangement.for me this is really a production issue.

This would be a great track to bring to the WIP forums and I really encourage you guys to sick with this one. I really want to see this on the front page!

No (resubmit, please!)

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A bit of a mixed bag this one.

Agree with the others that the vocals are quite good here. I didn't enjoy them as much initially in the intro (they didn't fit as well for me - possibly due to the musical accompaniment in that section). I personally think the intro would work better without vox. Once the first verse kicked in it flowed well and the chorus was particularly well done.

I believe the quality of the vocals pushed a lot of attention to the flaws in some of the sound design, exposing the more generic sound of most of the synths (which don't vary in sound too greatly), and the ok-but-not-stellar guitar tone. I also agree that some of the parts were quite dry and could do with some more reverb. I do however appreciate that most parts were clearly audible on the mixing side of things.

The other issue here is the arrangement. I got strong cover vibes from this mix - there were some additional things thrown in (the break at 1:34 was a nice surprise) but it was mostly a modernisation of the original. I will say however that past tracks heavily relying on vocals to bring the required originality have passed on occasion, but I would always encourage people to take things a little further and have some more fun with the source. Not a major strike for me, with the exception that I felt the synth and (and to a lesser extent guitar parts) were lacking in variation - I do think these parts could've been stronger.

I think this track is close but needs some more polish on the production side, primarily the sound design. While I'd like to see some additional work in the arrangement - it's mostly covered, but if revisiting I would appreciate some work in varying up your synths.


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