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Nice, very atmospheric track! I really like the pad-guitars coming in at 1:48, it lifts the whole thing to a higher level by adding that ethereal quality. The huge bass-saw that underlies the entire track is, well huge, especially in combination with those hand drums. Maybe the kick could be less harsh and clicky though, it feels like it isn't as much part of the mix as it should/could be. It has tons of impact for sure, but that actually distracts me from the push and shove of the rest of the instruments. Somehow, it's fighting over attention with the bass rather than working together with it. Maybe it has a lot of sub bass frequencies itself which coincide with the bass? Not sure about that though.
Apart from that, very nice track, the menacing vibe has me bouncing my head!

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~Scrolls down. Sees "GROAN ver.Tekken 7". Sees who the thread is by~

"....Should have figured I'd find Rukunetsu here lol."


Groan was always one of my faves in alpha 3. I was actually going to do my version sometime next month lol. I love this, dude. Keeps that Tekken 7 feel and I love how you added his original theme in there, too.

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