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OCR03373 - *YES* Sonic Rush Adventure 'Jeweled Scepter'


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remixer:  Chimpazilla
game arranged:  Sonic Rush Adventure
name of arrangement:  'Jeweled Scepter'
theme arranged:  Coral Cave - Act 1

I've always loved the Sonic Rush Adventure OST, and the Coral Cave theme in particular.  I attempted a remix of this theme about three years ago, and it failed so hard.  I still love this theme though, and now seemed like a good time to try again.  I believe this attempt is significantly less sucky than my previous attempt.

The portions of the source that I used most prominently are:
1. the bassline:  The source's bass writing appears throughout the entire track with the exception of the breakdown and subsequent buildup into chorus #2.
2. the vocals:  The source has a vocal of "na na na-na na na na na" which I made into a synth line which appears frequently in the mix.
3. the chorus:  I've recreated the source's chorus twice, rather conservatively.
4. the intro motif:  The source's intro motif fit perfectly into the breakdown.  I changed it from major to minor.  This motif appears two more times leading into the outro.

I won't do a timestamped breakdown unless anyone requests one.

After this remix was complete, I could not come up with a name for the track.  Typically I think of a name for my mixes by at least the halfway point in the production, but not this time.  I finally settled on 'Jeweled Scepter' after reading the game's Wiki page.  I'm including the list of WillRock's name suggestions here though, because lolz.

Super Minecart 64
Davy Jones Deadish Pet
007 - Scepter
Loki's Scepter
*Insert Sceptical Kraken Emote Here*
Jewels and Vincent
"I'll never cave in!"
Sonic on Krack
Sonic Boo - (Ghost remix)
Spirit of Radio
Kraken KoKain


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Great and clean production.  Listening now, I think the track could've used a higher tempo, but it's got plenty of energy as it is.  The transition at 02:30 seemed to break the flow a little, but overall there's not much to nitpick here.  Source usage seems plenty to me, as well as original material added to arrangement.  Solid Track with very clean aesthetics.


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  • Sir_NutS changed the title to 2016/04/13 - (1Y) Sonic Rush Adventure 'Jeweled Scepter'

I dig this. I think my brain is reluctant to accept sidechaining as a legit thing cause "ARGH ITS PUMPING MAKE IT STAAAAP" 

But yah, this is neat. You've basically taken the original and turned it into bright poppy EDM. Can't fault it. Super duper clean production, nice arrangement, gud stuff. Moar.

Tell bLINd he's a gud teacher ;)


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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2016/04/13 - (2Y) Sonic Rush Adventure 'Jeweled Scepter'

Definitely hearing the bLiNd influence here, this reminds me quite a bit of his old Gradius remix but with a healthy dose of modern production techniques and flair. This does an exceptional job of bringing this "old-school major-key dance anthem style" into the modern age with lots of synth processing, layers, and rock-solid production work. I also appreciate the heavier melodic focus on this track compared to some of your recent fare - it's cool to hear the old melodic Chimpazilla style paired with her leveled-up EDM production sensibilities. It just works! :-)


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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2016/04/13 - (3Y) Sonic Rush Adventure 'Jeweled Scepter'

Nice clean production with solid synth work. Arrangement seems fine. I will say by the mid point and second chorus things felt a bit samey, but there was enough fresh stuff and motif changes mixed in there to keep things going. Enjoyed the attention to detail in use of stereo space/panning of sounds, and effective yet not overused white noise drops. Kick is always audible against the bass, and leads are clear as they should be. Overall authentic rendition of the genre, not heard you do something like this before Kris. Nice work.


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