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Shreddage 2 SRP: Our most flexible virtual electric guitar, starting at $79

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Welcome to Shreddage 2 SRP, the newest KONTAKT PLAYER-powered virtual guitar from Impact Soundworks!

Building on our legacy of rock & metal focused 7-string guitars, we've sampled a new American guitar performed by rising star Jules Conroy - better known as FamilyJules7x on YouTube. Together, we collaborated to create an incredibly versatile sample library that excels for hi-gain styles, but is just as well suited for a wide range of genres.

Using the same great engine as our other Shreddage guitars, SRP offers total control over mapping, performance, and engine settings, allowing you to customize the instrument to your liking - OR just load and play, using any of the built-in FX presets!


LIBRARY WALKTHROUGH (intro song is me!)




* Over 15,000 new 24-bit samples
* 7 strings with a low note of drop G
* Clean (DI) recordings for custom tone crafting
* Classic American sound: well-rounded and versatile
* Ultra-realistic performance engine
* Customizable articulation mapping & engine settings
* Easy compatibility with Shreddage 2 & IBZ
* Built-in FX rack with amp/cab presets
* Compatible with KONTAKT PLAYER

* Single note & powerchord sustains
* Single note & powerchord palm mutes UP TO 11 LAYERS
* Single note & powerchord staccatos
* Tremolo picking
* Pinch squeal & regular harmonics
* Portamento slides
* Hammer-on and pull-off legato
* Unpitched & pitched release noises
* Over 100 FX sounds

* Available NOW for Kontakt Player 5.3.1
* Intro price: $119 for new customers, $99 for Shreddage 2 license owners, $79 for Shreddage 2 IBZ owners

Click for more information and to purchase!

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SRP isn't a superior guitar, it's a different guitar. Most guitarists have a wide variety of guitars at their disposal depending on the tone and sound they want, and virtual guitars are no different! SRP *is* more flexible than IBZ, meaning it has a very well-rounded tone, but being a jack of all trades means you can't excel in any one thing. IBZ is more aggressive than SRP, period. It has a thinner tone with emphasized pick attack. That is highly desirable for a lot of styles.

Plus if you do have IBZ you can get SRP for only $79 instead of the intro price of $119 (soon to be $139) so there's that, as well!

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