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  1. I think they sound pretty random to be honest. There are also a lot of repeated notes that sound really unnatural because they 'overwrite' the notes before. It all sounds very stockish. I mean - I like the atmosphere you're trying to convey but the mix isn't that good.
  2. Awesome work. I don't usually find epic music boring, so this is right up my alley anyway. I especially like the Choir. Really good work.
  3. I'm not sure what you're trying to do here, but you might want to spice it up with a bit more variety. The instruments (especially the bass) is playing the exact same note value the whole time, which makes it sound really stock-ish.
  4. I agree that Actraiser is really not something I'd start with to gain popularity. And I don't think you'd find 1000 people to buy this. I'm into composition and arrangement myself and I wouldn't to be honest - because I don't know what to do with it. As MindWanderer said - Midis do exactly what this would do for people who want to arrange stuff. That being said - I'd love complete collections of Midis from various games since there's often songs I can't find good transcriptions of. So maybe he's onto something here. But I bet the licensing fees will be astronomically high for more well-kn
  5. I played through both of them, but I only did so after Sun's announcement. It would feel strange to be to try and collect all of them now that a new one is coming out. But I guess I could start by catching the exclusives that surely won't be in the new games.
  6. This is fantastic. Regarding your mixing I'd say that everything seems a bit too 'distant' and far away. But I can't say anything bad about the compositions. These are really epic.
  7. I would never have guess a game such a this has such a good soundtrack. While I don't think the title theme is one of the better songs on here, your cover is very nice. Sounds like it's out of the movie.
  8. Reaper has a free trial and the purchase is very cheap as well, so you should try that. But be prepared to spend some time setting things up as it's very customizable and not every function is as easily reachable out-of-the-box as in Logic. There are enough tutorials on the official site though. Just have to spend some time learning, as you will with every DAW.
  9. I hope so much Sun is good. I'd love to finally have a game to try and catch every Pokemon there is. Haven't done that since Silver and Gold.
  10. I think Macs are very similar to gaming consoles. You buy it as is and you won't upgrade or change any of it, but it will do everything it's supposed to do. For people who just want to get started without diving into the hardware stuff that's awesome. It's much easier than buying a PC. For everyone who doesn't mind that and for people who don't have that much money PCs are the way to go. For music production specifically the main reason to use a Mac is Logic, as others have pointed out. I'd never switch just for one program, but I know some people who did and are now nagging me with their
  11. Because people buy it anyway. I'm still not sold for 40$. I played the beta and I felt like I was done with the game after like 5 hours. Played every character, seen every map. From then on it's only about getting better without seeing anything new. Not sure if this one is for me.
  12. Could've sworn the strings were from VSL. Thank you for the answer. You seem to like Spitfire a lot though, so I'm surprised the brass is from something else.
  13. I can't even tell you how many times I've changed a melody because I thought it sounded exactly like something else and in the end it turned out even better than what I had originally. This might even be a good idea if it doesn't sound similar to another song. Forces you to think outside of the box and create something entirely new.
  14. Didn't know that, my bad. Doesn't sound too exciting though. But at least it doesn't seem to have as much padding as DBZ.
  15. Yeah, I already read the Manga and the story seems to be the same now. The anime is only up to the beginning of the tournament? In the Manga there have already been a couple of fights. And they all end very, very quickly.
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