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What was up with last night's episode? The whole pinewood derby idea, though it was already done (I think by the Simpsons), would really have worked as a good, strong 'A' story, and maybe a good Cartman story could have been a 'B' story, but the alien thing was ... weird. And it wasn't very funny. Extremely disappointing for a Randy episode.

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I enjoyed last nights episode. Highlight of the season so far to me. If only cause it was a rare episode where they stray from tackling relevant modern issues and just take on a really weird idea. The only real reference to something modern was the hadron collider, but that was a minor point.

Any other Aussies notice that the Australian prime minister they used was old Johnny Howard? For the other countries playing along at home, he hasn't been in office since 2007. But it was nice to see them portray Aussies as something other than backwards third worlders.

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