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South Park

The Orichalcon

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i'll be missing it :( have no cable :cry:

You can download the episodes legally for free after they air.

May I ask where? On that site you linked to perhaps, 'cause i don't see anything there.

www.getsouthpark.com is the latest place to host them after they air (in connection with www.southparkx.net)

Or you can grab the episodes from a torrent site where they usually pop up quickly. I get all mine from southparkx.net though. They're usually up within an hour or two of it airing.

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I never thought I'd see half of a South Park episode rendered in World of Warcraft.

You can kind of tell that Blizzard had some deal with them. Of course they were probably the ones making the animations. But, Blizzard was tacked everywhere. Product placements!

Funny though!

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This was definitely one of the funnier episodes I've seen in awhile that's for sure.



The funniest thing about this for me was that I was actually eating a Hot Pocket while playing WoW and watching South Park. :lol:

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