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Parodius Non sense Fantasy - Medley

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This is my new project for judges. I'm working on it and just want to show it before I end it. 

This an orchestral mix project. You'll find here title screen (parodious dance), character select (Hello Paro Chan) and Theme of vic viper and Pentarou.

I'll develop another character theme and try to mix it.

All feed back are welcome. Thanks to you.

Edit 21/6 Wip 2 - I fishined Vic viper Theme and go for Mixing Pentarou Theme

Edit 30/06 Wip 3


EDIT 4/6 Final version for evaluation here...

Original : 


My Remix

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I love this!! I myself tried to rearrange Hello Paro-chan, but I'm quite an amateur compared to the wonderful sounds of your orchestra. I'm in awe really. Please finish this, I love the Parodius series (Gradius, Twinbee... all that wonderful music) so it's great to see someone revisit such an underappreciated series nowadays. Konami used to rulle them all, we better remind them :-)


Anyway, loved it to bits. Congratulations!



PS: BTW, if you're curious and feel like it, this was my take on Hello Paro-chan ;)



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I feel the konami jingle at the start, while cute, is unnecesary to the whole arrangement, as it doesn't segue into the rest of the song and there's a very long pause between it and the intro of the song.  I think you're doing a good job so far with the sources, and I specially enjoyed the first section, but I think you could do a better job with the transitions, we encourage natural arrangements instead of medleys that tie songs together.  If you try and marry all your sources together, cross-referencing them and transitioning between them in a way that it feels like a whole arrangement and not a collection, I think it will fare better with the panel.  So far the instruments are being humanized pretty decently and the mix seems ok, but humanization can certainly be improved, even though what you have is alright, and the busier sections could be a bit cleaner. 

Overall I like where you're going wtih this, keep it up.

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Thank you Sir_NutS.

As you said, the konami jingle it just here for fun. In the final track, I'll cut it.

For the transition, I'm agree with you, I have to work on it. Concerning the humanisation, I'll do that when I'll finish the track. 

Thank you



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I like this! I've never played Parodius, but I already like the soundtrack after hearing this piece.

This track is full of life and promises excitement. I really like the flow of the piece, moving from whimsical to formal then to what sounds like a chase then back to whimsical - transitions are smooth, mix is good for the most part, and the different styles of each source is blend together very well. This is a very cool arrangement!

Seriously, you should be proud of this. Looking forward to seeing the post for the first OCR track by Ganaé!

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Oh wow, I like this. Your orchestration is pretty damn spot on, in this. The sources are clearly there, and even though it's a medley (often frowned upon), this track seems to tell a story with each source. I'm pretty cool with this, on the source usage and arrangement front.

The humanization of the instruments is slick. To take it one step beyond, I suggest learning how to emulate different accents and attacks for the different instruments - there are some moments where I feel the attacks aren't quite right. For example, the strings that descend at 2:42 all seem to have the same attack, where an orchestra would really play the first attack with a down stroke, and hold that stroke for the rest of the notes (thus having the following notes being very legato, in comparison). The trumpets and horns doing the same thing at 3:06 can also benefit from emulating the attacks they would use - the line is played so each note sounds distinct, whereas a real trumpet and horn player would phrase that line altogether, or phrase the line with one note of staccato for emphasis on the second to last note (neat effect, but obviously not mandatory). It sounds like you're really getting the hand of orchestration and dynamics, so this is merely an idea to take your music to the next level.

Anyhow, it seems wordy, but in reality your humanization is very solid - these are merely suggestions as to where to take your music next. The arrangement is solid. The orchestration is great. You'll probably pass, if you submit this to the panel. Look forward to hearing it there!

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