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departure: new album from Diodes


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Hey everyone, a few days ago I released my debut solo album, departure!!

departure is an acoustic pop album, with 10 original songs. I wrote and performed all of the songs, and the instruments I used include guitar, voice, piano, and violin.


departure is a journey through many emotions I experienced during a certain time in my life. It is an expression of joy, fear, hope, despondence, and many other human feelings, in musical form. 

It also bears a personal message: The importance of expressing our stories and experiences to touch other lives, so that we can all feel connected in our shared humanity. I encourage you to also use your voice and express your story to the world!

Currently it's only available on Bandcamp, but I plan to soon get it on CDBaby so it will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify (and a bunch of other places I probably haven't even heard of?).

You can check it out here! diodesmusic.bandcamp.com

Thank you if you check it out! And thank you even if you don't check it out! Because OCR and the community have been a huge part of my growth as a musician. Not to mention all the friends I have made here. So thank you just for giving me the space to share my music, hear your music, and connect with other people. It's been a wonderful experience.

<3, Diodes/Amy



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Hey thanks everyone for picking up the album and all the kind words!! You guys are awesome!!

It does seem that Wonderful and Second Chances are the favorite tracks, from what I've been hearing. Maybe Second Chances more so.

The other thing that I keep hearing from others is that this album will give you the feels.

So thank you for letting me know how you felt about the album. It's helpful and interesting, and moreover, it's so important to me (and any artist) to hear that people are enjoying and even having an emotional response to the music. It's the reason why I make it.

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Finally got around to picking this one up! It's pretty awesome. We're taking a road trip/vacation up to Niagra Falls in a few days, will definitely be playing this a few times on the drive! 

It's one of the most uplifting albums I've heard in a really long time. Thanks for the warm fuzzies, Amy!

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