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Opposing Bloodlines: Battle of the VGM Bands

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Dwelling of Duels and Original Sound Version present....


An open competition for any video game related and inspired bands to test their skills against one another in a battle royal to be crowned THE BEST AROUND! (nothin's gonna ever keep you down!)


Join in the battle and pit your band's prowess against other VGM bands! Pick your song from any game, have fun and ROCK ON!


For full competition details, visit....

Opposing Bloodlines: Battle of the VGM Bands


Submissions due SEPTEMBER 5th. Listening Party & voting during MAGFEST LABORATORIES!

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Rule 3: The song must be performed by all members of a group or band that has at least one album/EP/Single release or previous competition submission together. (Such as Dwelling of Duels or the Overclocked Remix competitions)


So if you can release an single or quick enter some other competition prior to this one as a band....then sure, enter away!

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New prizes have been added to the pot for the grand winner of the battle. On top of being features on Original Sound Version for an entire month, the winning band will also receive their pick from one of three different sample libraries, courtesy of Impact Soundworks, who have become our new sponsor. The winner will be able to choose one of the following libraries:


Again, final submissions are due September 5th and can be emailed to bandbattle@originalsoundversion.com

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Throwing out a reminder - less than 2 weeks before the deadline for this!


Also, a recent question came up about medleys - yes, medleys of game music from either the same or different series are allowed. Submissions do not need to be arrangements of just one game track.


All submissions can be sent to: bandbattle@originalsoundversion.com

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All entries have been collected as far as I have seen. If you submitted and did not get a email confirmation, let me know ASAP.



So the listening party will be Friday, September 9th starting at 2:30pm at Panels 2 - Aspen. We will have the competition listening party, and then a general DoD hangout after. We also will be streaming live on http://www.8bitx.com/.

Hope to see people there!

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#1 WASD - Turrican - Turricane Huelsbeck - above average -0.05
#2 LONELYROLLINGSTARS - Splatoon - SPLATATOUILLE - above average -0.06
#3 SuperFX - Tetris - Tetris Theme - above average -0.23
#4 sigmabeta - Chrono Trigger - Wings that Cross Time - above average -0.38
#5 Demonstray - Sonic & Knuckles - Guy Manctuary Zone - average +0.34
#6 Careless Juja - Bastion, Kingdom Hearts - Hollow Bastion - average +0.32
#7 Soniferous - Chrono Trigger - Trial and Errors - below average +0.13
Voters: 16
WASD comes out on top by a hair!
I want to thank everyone who entered, voted, attended the listening party live or online (despite the online stream being delayed a bit, #blameWill). If there is another MAG Labs/Classic, this might be something we continue doing! (though with more notice for bands to enter.) <3
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