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OCR03561 - *YES* Sonic the Hedgehog "Speeding Towards Adventure" *PROJECT*


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This track is going to be part of the Speeding Towards Adventures: Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Album (http://ocremix.org/community/topic/38162-speeding-towards-adventures-sonic-the-hedgehog-25th-anniversary-album-recruiting/)

Remixer name: Jorito
Real name: Jorrith Schaap
Userid: 3899
Remixer name: Final Kingdom
Real name: Britney Blevins
Userid: 24495
ReMixer name: Furilas
Real name: Mac Hunter
forum id: 17903
ReMixer name: Tuberz McGee
Real name: Callum Kennedy
forum id: 25576
ReMixer name: Azzykay316
Real name: Az Khan
forum id: 33005
Submission information:
Name of Game(s) Remixed: Sonic The Hedgehog
Name of Arrangement: Speeding Towards Adventure
Names of songs arranged: Green Hill Zone
Link to the remix: 
Comments about the mix:
I originally missed this album initiative on OCR entirely! When I noticed that Eino Keskitalo had to drop his claim on Green Hill Zone, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to remake this track, a classic of the Sonic series. Actually also the one Sonic track I remember best from playing the game with a friend on his Sega Game Gear.

Since Green Hill Zone has been remixed a gazillion times already, it was hard to to try to add something new to it. Inspired by Pharrell William's song "Happy" I thought a upbeat vocal pop track in that style might just work. The initial midi mockup was finished quickly, but for this kind of track midi ain't good enough. So I went on a recruiting spree on the OCR forums, starting with the vocals. I luckily found Final Kingdom willing to sing on the track, and she also was a tremendous help in the lyrics. It was also a good excuse to team up again with my regular collaborators Tuberz McGee on guitars and Furilas on bass. Last but not least is Azzykay316, who offered his services as a drummer on the forums and really made the track groove and the drum solo rock. 

Many thanks to my temp band mates that were so cool to hop on this adventure with me and really make the track shine. I hope we managed to give a fresh take on Green Hill Zone and that you'll enjoy it a lot!

Final Kingdom: 
This is my first collaboration on- or offline, and it was a great experience! I learned a lot about recording dos and don'ts and how to contribute to someone else's vision while still maintaining my own style. I've become more confident in my singing, thanks to Jorito's absolute faith in me delivering a good performance. Because the Sonic series holds a special place in my heart, I'm glad that my first contribution to this site could be this ReMix.

This was fun. I'll be pleased to groove along to it as I drive down the summer highways of Colorado in my Mustang convertible, both of which Jorrith said he'd pay me with. What a sport!
Tuberz McGee: 
Jorrith called me in for the Strumma Strumma and I had a great time. <3 For a sonic tune that I groan at whenever I hear it, this is a really fresh take on it. It's cool stuff. I love working with Jorrith, his arrangements are so dope and always find myself groovin' to them. This is no exception. 
Plus, that B section with the 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2 subdivision is soooooo cool. No way I could pass that up. 


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Damn, this was pretty kick ass. Love the approach on this one - the singing is clean and crisp, and the whistling... just slick. The accompanying guitar, sax and male singing backup singing just meshes perfectly. The only thing that I can say about it is that the mixing might be a little bit cluttered when everything is going at once, but I'm hearing everything well enough throughout. Send it off to the front page (when the project is done), this is some great stuff.


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Fantastic stuff.  Great way to morph this very popular track into something completely new, which is possibly the hardest thing you can do with a track that has been remixed as much as Green Hill Zone.   The mix was clean and clear, lyrics were neat, and the performances were very good.  Only thing I have to say about the mixdown is that the kick is very hard to hear, it doesn't need to be boosted to edm levels but it could get a lift to have some presence in the mix.  The arrangement is good as well, with the GHZ theme being very easy to recognize but also heavily modified with original content that fits like a glove, both in the backings and in the new, completely original sections added.

I have to give kudos for the work on the doubling of the vocals, it's just not straight up doubling but adding harmonies and nuances, I really liked that.  Overall a pretty unique and sweet sub, It's an easy pass and a great addition to OCR's library.


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