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OCR01529 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Hyrule Party Mix'

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Hi Pretzel, Its been awhile yesh? few years i think. A new remix. well actually remix is the wrong word but a remake? :)

And its from the classic zelda themes from ocarina of time. I hope you like it!

Iv been thinking about a comeback for too long and now. I think its time i got back in the industry.

I hope your site is going very well!

Best Regards/ Filip Thimrén


http://www.zophar.net/usf/lozusf.rar - 26 "Zelda's Theme", 35 "Lost Woods" & 57 "Windmill Hut"

Running this by some other panelists, I had a chance to develop some early misconceptions about the piece, namely the level of Zelda source tune arrangement involved here. There are some more overt connections and some more liberal ones, the sum total of which being more than enough to count as a viable arrangement with the standards here.

:12 opened with two pianos, the backing piano being a liberal arrangement of "Zelda's Theme", repeated with the lead synth and piano doubling each other from :39-1:05. The woodwind lead from 1:05-1:16 was handling a liberal arrangement of "Lost Woods," most evident from the phrasing from 1:06-1:08 & 1:15-1:16.

Overtly, we then had "Zelda's Theme" back at 1:32 via synth lead along with the beetz, before seguing into an excellent, very interpretive piano solo from 1:58-2:24, then transitioning back to the previous style/textures from 2:24-2:50. Very seamless and energetic inclusion of "Windmill Hut" from 2:50-3:17, before repeating the liberal sections of the mix at 3:30. The key change at 4:23 seguing into the fadeout finish was jarring and pretty much pointless; you get used to it over time, but it was still a poor idea, IMO. Would have been better to fashion a stronger resolution without changing the key, but that was the one major weak point for me.

I know Vigilante had a problem with the groove here not being integral to the track, but for me the groove was excellent and most importantly wasn't used as a crutch from an arrangement or writing standpoint. The three source tunes used here were excellently interpreted and joined together, and the countermelodic and supporting writing was otherwise excellent.

Solid arrangement, along with strong production. Really great to see an old-schooler like NoppZ back in the game. Besides zircon's album project, Final Fantasy 7 "Voices of the Lifestream", hopefully this isn't the last we've heard of Filip. Groovetastic, bitches.


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Y'all gotta appreciate a mix with old-school flavor. Even if this isn't the sharpest production or the most in-depth arrangement, it's got style and class, and it's certainly a unique interpretation. Larry and I went over the connections to various source tunes and they are all there, if you take the time to look & listen. Vig at one point lodged an objection to this, saying that it felt like an original groove with Zelda pasted over it. I don't agree. I think the Zelda material is tastefully worked in, and the fact that it's not used verbatim is a testament to NoppZ' ability to integrate the originals in such a way that they're varied, but recognizable.

I do have a few beefs. The 1:32 transition is abrupt, for example, and I felt the key change later on was out of place. I heard what sounded to be filtered vocals throughout that I think should have been brought out more, as they sounded cool. The percussion probably could have been changed up more as well. But really, all things considered, these issues do not amount to a rejection. This is a fun mix that satisfies our guidelines and meets the standard we have set.


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I'm really digging this. I really love it when a remix totally catches you off guard with it's fresh and innovative style, and this mix does just that. And by fresh and innovative, I mean to that particular OST.

I really didn't have a problem hearing the source, even before reading Larry's breakdown. It's there.

This isn't typical stuff you'd expect to hear from any LoZ game, but it's really great regardless. This may not be Brian Transeau, but it's funkaliscious and it's got me tapping my feet and what not. This would be great music to use in one of those ytmnd or whatever sites to "djp" to.

I eagerly await that site. "Can Zelda djp?"

YES (she sure can!)

I eagerly await someone to create that site.

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