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FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute album from Materia Collective


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So hey, Undertale is a year old. Not too early for a MASSIVE TRIBUTE ALBUM, is it?  Doug Perry (you may know him around these parts as DrumUltimA) and the Materia Collective organized this tribute album with nearly 100 arrangements of the game's soundtrack. I'm on the album with Marshall Art, and there are at least a handful of other posted OCReMixers on here, so I think it's kosher to have a thread in the community forum, right?



Materia Collective is proud to announce its latest album: FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute, a sprawling collection of nearly 100 remixes of Toby Fox’s acclaimed Undertale score, for release on Thursday, September 15. The album not only brings together a massive group of musicians to celebrate Fox’s indie hit, but incorporates original artwork from a range of artists to add a noteworthy visual component to the album.

FALLEN is divided into seven separate discs with tracks carefully selected and categorized by theme. Each disc represents one of the seven souls of Undertale and comes with a complete set of original artwork by one of seven artists. The visual and musical style of each disc is determined by the corresponding soul’s trait, from Patience to Justice - and, of course, Determination.

This is not the first time the Materia has worked with Undertale. Earlier this year, Materia Publishing debuted as a new branch of Materia when it released Toby Fox’s score on iTunes, which promptly charted on the billboards; more recently, Materia Publishing collaborated with iam8bit and Toby Fox to release a limited edition vinyl for Undertale collectors.

FALLEN has been in the works since early this year, before the release of Materia’s second album, SUCCESSOR. Album director Doug Perry chose to head this project due to the popularity of Undertale among the musicians of Materia, and while it started off as Materia’s third major project, the sheer scope of the album resulted in an eight-month working period for participating musicians to ensure the highest possible quality, and will be released as Materia Collective’s seventh remix album.



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