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  1. Seems like a pretty solid win-win scenario so I say go for it.
  2. Count me in! I'll start looking through some songs and see which one feels right.
  3. The whole album has been submitted for review! I need all artists to submit a commentary about their tracks (I'll be sending messages to everyone with the format.) so that we have the artists take on their tracks. I'll be doing Director's comments on each track with Swifthom as well so we have our work cut out for us. We're close everyone!
  4. Awesome news everyone! We're finally under the review process!! We fell through the cracks somehow, which is why it took this long, but we'll have an answer soon about the album's approval so cross your fingers and start playing your wind wakers so that we pass xD
  5. Just posting an update here for the Zelda:Wind Waker Album! We're no longer recruiting and have in fact submitted for approval and release back in July. I know the review process is long and needs ample time (you guys have a lot to do) but I just wanted to bring the info up to date. Thank you! ---SkyRiderX
  6. Ok! Sadly in the hectic confusion of life and the project falling silent for awhile,(Cosmic and I have been busy and plum forgot so that's our bad xD),we've had some people drop a few tracks. So this means we'll have some extra room for anyone who wishes to join in still! We'll be reviewing where everyone is at, updating the tracklist and try to figure out a new series of deadlines. Sorry for the delays and let's get this album back on track! ---SkyRiderX
  7. I know this is a bit late but as you all know the October deadline passed. Cosmic and I will be trying to get in contact with everyone and get updates on the tracks so consider this some extra time to make some progress if you haven't already xD Can't wait to hear some of the updates! Keep it up people!
  8. This whole album was wonderful! I loved every part of it! Great job to everyone who worked on it.
  9. Update to keep you guys in the loop - We're still waiting to hear back from OCR about official approval. This can take some time so please be patient and we'll let you know as soon as we get the email! Thank you! --- SkyRiderX
  10. Hey guys, I was working on my track when I had a sweet idea! Part of the Clash of Ninja Menu theme has people shouting "Hyeh", "Hyoh" of course "Hiyaa!" so wouldn't it be awesome if everyone got to join in? For now I'll keep it to people within the album but if you're interested please send me a message! I think this would a cool thing to do together not only as an album group but maybe even a community xD
  11. Big News! We've submitted the form with proper info and tracks to try to get official OCR approval !!! Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully we'll hear back soon and with good news! We're one step closer to getting this album out there for everyone to enjoy xD
  12. I've had to miss on the last couple albums but I really want to try to get something done for this! I look forward to this album every christmas! xD
  13. Please do. I was actually going to PM you since we have you down for a final WAV but Swifthom didn't send it to me. If you happen to find it please PM a link so I can add it in.
  14. @TheChargingRhino One project at a time for now lol I'll put together a new tracklist to post since I can't edit the one Swift has posted. @Argle It's fine man. Stuff comes up and happens. At least the album is moving along and getting closer to release now.
  15. Kindly do not post in the remix section. Upload your WIP and please send it to me in a PM. Thank you!
  16. As for the name change, the theme for the album was the tale of the Hero of Time being passed down "On the Breath of the Wind". Thanks to everyone for their suggestions! Some of them fit quite well actually. I was thinking something along the lines of "Whispers on the Waves"
  17. Awesome to hear you're making progress @TheChargingRhino! I also have the previous unfinished version if you'd like to take a listen. Any questions about FL can most likely be answered over at the Workshop part of the forum for Music Comp&Production.
  18. @djpretzel I've been brainstorming new names however with Swift being rather unresponsive at times, it makes it difficult for an official change. Also I've almost finished the mixing/mastering for the tracks to be submitted for Official Status but again I'm waiting on Swift for the clear to submit.
  19. Ok guys! Big Update!!! I'll be stepping up to the plate and becoming a Co-Director for this album as well as tackling the final mixing and mastering tasks! This will be my first time doing something like this especially on this scale but I'll give it my best shot! We will see a release for this wonderful album soon! I may message certain artists to ask for certain things or advise on some clean up for their tracks so watch your inbox! Thank you and look forward to further updates!
  20. We should update the front page tracklist since I finished the Pirate Theme and I think Tuberz finished Ocean right?
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