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WIP Star Fox 64 - Sector X [Epic Orchestral/Vocal Remix]


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Hey y'all :D Yeah I'm a newbie here, and since I've seen a lot of great feedback on other people's remixes and whatnot, thought I'd try my hand at it too.

So below is a work-in-progress link to a vid with me singing some lyrics of "Dies Irae" (I can do a little bit of basso profundo) to an epic orchestral take of Sector X from one of my favorite games ever. Since it's not finished yet, the mixing is still a bit off and I need to autotune my pitches a bit on some spots... and the ending's not exactly done yet, but it's getting there! Lemme know what you think so far:


P.S. If anyone out there knows any girls with a good operatic soprano voice, I have an female part that could use you ;) I'd originally asked someone else to do it but they rejected it ;-; 

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I REALLY like the sound of this. 'Freakin' epic' would be my first reaction.

The 'basso profundo' is rather low and profound, as the name implies, but not the 'rising wave' necessary to compete with the crescendo in rest of the song. More male vocalists, and I'd use more than one female vocalist to round out the sound.

Great sound so far. This is going to sound AWESOME when it's done!

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8 hours ago, Slimy said:

It sounds strange for there to only be 2 voices accompanying an entire orchestra. Perhaps you could just record some more takes of yourself singing and layer them together?

I was planning to make it more of an operatic solo type thing, but I get what you mean. I was thinking of maybe adding a Chorus of an Ensemble affect to my voice to make it sound a bit fuller and wider, or maybe just putting a VST choir in the background to accompany (though my virtual choir is not the greatest, it still sounds decent). Or do you think it would sound better to actually just record myself .multiple times?

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